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How to Take Advantage of Digital Signage

Digital signage can be integrated into a number of environments. Display information, images and animation in an eye-catching way that will captivate and intrigue your customers to increase brand awareness and sales.

Digital signage can draw in customers with vivid and dynamic content.

You can easily integrate and update advertising campaigns in the store environment to further brand awareness and drive sales. With our extender and receiver kit, which includes our signage control app, you can create vivid images behind counters, beside products and in window displays.

Retail example of digital signage

You can easily and effectively deliver content to customers and employees with digital displays.

Whether it’s in the lobby, an office or hallway. You can create a great first impression in the lobby and keep employees informed and updated. Our extenders and video splitters are perfect for creating dynamic video walls and displays. They can offer the astonishing picture quality of 4K, which is four times the resolution of high-definition 1080p.

Office example of digital signage

Digital signage in banks improves customer service.

By displaying interest and mortgage rates, wait times, and products and services. Displaying this information creates a deeper connection with the customer and is a quick and easy way to further financial education.

Bank example of digital signage

Guiding thousands of people to the right gate, terminal, and platform can be a logistical headache.

Digital displays within airports, bus, train and subway stations can help you communicate rapidly changing information to travellers. Displays can relay arrival and departure times, identify terminal numbers, guide passengers to appropriate gates and get emergency messages out quickly.

Transport example of digital signage

Digital menu boards give you an easy way to showcase daily specials, promotions and menu changes, all while increasing customer engagement and enhancing your brand.

Menus in fast-food restaurants can be displayed above the counter, while menus in finer dining restaurants can be displayed outside, in the entrance or above the bar. Sports bars that display multiple screens for sports game can easily create a video wall and tailor the content for the customer.

Our HDMI switch and extender help you set up a restaurant menu board on multiple screens in multiple locations, all while allowing remote control access.

Restaurant example of digital signage

Digital Signage Solutions

From a simple single-source to single-display setup, to more robust multi-source and multi-display configurations, use the tool below to find digital signage connectivity products:







Mobile App

Manage Signage from your Smartphone

The Video Switching and Wall Control App lets you control your digital signage from your pocket!

Easy-to-use interface to set up, control and customize digital solutions

Enables you to control and change the content sources to create your ideal solution

Automatically adjusts and configures content according to the setup

Designed to work with the HDMI Extender and Receiver Kits: ST12MHDLAN and ST12MHDLANRX

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