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Glossary of Technical Terms

1 - 9

1U Rackmount Case
4 Post Server Rack
4-to-1 Composite/S-Video & RCA Audio Switch
42U Rack
4U Rackmount Case
5-pin DIN Female Solder Connector
5-pin DIN Male Solder Connector
6-pin MiniDIN Female Solder Connector
6-pin MiniDIN Male Solder Connector
62.5/125 SC Fiber Optic Connector
62.5/125 ST Fiber Optic Connector
8-Pin MiniDIN Female Solder Connector
8-pin MiniDIN Male Solder Connector
9 Pin Straight Through Cable

A - H

Active USB Extender Cable
Advertising Displays
ATA 133 Card
Authoring Station
Authoring Tools
Back Channel
Basic Monitor Cable
Broadcast Folder
Broadcast Station
Cabling Harness
Call Center
Captive Audience Networks
Cat5 extender
Cat5 Extenders
CAT5 Video
Centronics 36 Female IDC Connector
Centronics 36 Male IDC Connector
Centronics 36 Male Solder Connector
Centronics 50 Female IDC Connector
Closed Circuit Television
Coax Low Profile SVGA Monitor Cable
Coax SVGA Monitor Cable
COM Retention
Component Audio / Video cables
Component to VGA converter
Component Video
Component/VGA and Audio to HDMI Switcher Scaler
Composite RGB Video Converter
Composite Video
Computer Bus
Computer Mobile Rack
Computer Monitor Splitter
Computer Portable Storage
Computer Video Splitter
Confirmed Broadcasting
Content Folder
Converge A/V 4 Port VGA Video Selector Switch with Remote
Converge A/V 4 to 1 DVI Digital Switch with Remote and RS-232 Control
Converge A/V 4 to 1 HDMI Switch with Remote and RS-232 Control
Converge A/V 4-to-1 Component YPbPr A/V Switch
Converge A/V 8 Port VGA Video Selector Switch with Remote
Converge A/V 8 to 1 DVI Digital Switch with Remote and RS-232 Control
Converge A/V 8 to 1 HDMI Switch with Remote and RS-232 Control
Converter DB9 to USB
Copper Fiber Converter
CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)
Custom Cables
Custom Computer Cables
DB15 Female Solder Connector
DB15 Male Solder Connector
DB25 Female Crimp Connector
DB25 Female IDC Connector
DB25 Female Solder Connector
DB25 Male Crimp Connector
DB25 Male Solder Connector
DB37 Female Crimp Connector
DB37 Male Crimp Connector
DB50 Male Solder Connector
DB9 Female Crimp Connector
DB9 Female Solder Connector
DB9 Male Crimp Connector
DB9 Male Solder Connector
Desktop KVM switch
Digital Dynamic Signage
Digital Dynamic Signs
Digital In-Store Merchandising
Digital KVM Switch
Digital Media Broadcast
Digital Media Network
Digital Media Networks
Digital Video
Distribution Amplifier
Drive Rack
DVI Extender
DVI Extension Cable (Active)
DVI I to DVI I Adapter/Converter
DVI I to DVI I and VGA Splitter
DVI I to VGA Adapter/Converter
DVI KVM Switch
DVI Scaler
DVI Splitter
DVI to DFP (Digital Flat Panel) Cable
DVI to DFP Adapter/Converter
DVI to VGA Analog Cable
DVI to VGA converter
DVI Video Splitter
DVI-D to DVI-I Converter
Electronic Billboards
Ethernet Extenders
Ethernet KVM
Ethernet Serial Module
External Drive Enclosure
External Hard Drive Enclosure
Fiber Media Converter
Fiber Optic Cable
FireWire Drive Enclosure
Firewire Hard Drive Enclosure
Gold Plated RCA Connector
Gold Plated S Video Connector
Hard Drive Enclosure Kit
Hard Drive Mobile Rack
Hard Drive Storage Case
Hard Drive Tray
HDDB15F to HDDB15F Gender Changer
HDDB15M to 5 BNC Male Cable
HDDB15M to HDDB15M Gender Changer
HDMI Gender Changer
HDMI to DVI Adapter/Converter
HDMI to DVI Cable
HDMI to HDMI Cable
HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable
HDTV Distribution Amplifier
HDTV Up Converter
Head End
High Density DB15 Female VGA Connector w/ Metal Cover
High Density DB15 Female VGA Solder Connector
High Density DB15 Male VGA Connector w/ Metal Cover
High Density DB15 Male VGA Solder Connector
High Speed Serial Port
HPDB68 Male Internal IDC Connector

I - P

I/O Card
IDE Card
IDE Mobile Rack
IEEE-1394 Card
Information Display Systems
Interface Converter
Internal SCSI3 Female IDC Connector
IP KVM Solution
ISA Card
ISA Multi IO Card
Jumper Caps
Keyboard Mouse Monitor Extender
KVM Access over IP
KVM over Ethernet
KVM Switch
KVM via IP
Laptop Serial Port
Low Profile
Low Profile Card
M1 to VGA Projector Cable
MAC Monitor to VGA Adapter/Converter
Matrix Video Switch
Maximum Theoretical Transfer Rate
Micro ATX Case
Micro ATX Power Supply
Mini HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable
Monitor Splitter
Monitor Switcher
Multiport Serial Adapter
Multiport Serial Board
Net RS232 (extender, converter, rj45, Ethernet adapter)
Network Cabinet
Open Rack
PC Speaker Y Cable
PC to Stereo Component Cable
PC to TV AV Cable
PC to TV Video Converter
PC to Video Converter
PC Video Splitter
PCI Express Card
PCI Express to PCI
PCI Parallel Card
PCI Post Card
PCI Riser Card
PCI RS232 card
PCMCIA Serial Adapter
PCMCIA Serial Card
Plug and Play
Power eSATA

Q - Z

RCA Gender Changer
RCA to BNC Adapter/Converter
Reboot Device
Remote Power Control
Remote Power Reboot
Remote Power Switch
Remote Server Administration
Remote Server Management
Remote Server Reboot
Removable Drive Bay
Removable Hard Drive Enclosure
Removable Hard Drive Enclosure (SATA, FireWire and USB)
Removable Hard Drive Tray
RGB Color Model
RISC Monitor Cable
RJ11 Crimp Type Connector
RS 422 Card
RS232 Ethernet Converter
RS232 Extender
RS232 Serial Card
RS232 to 422 Converter
RS232 to RJ45 Adapter
RS232 to RS422 converter
RS232 to RS422 Converter
RS232 to RS485 converter
RS422 PCI Card
RS485 Serial Card
S Video Gender Changer
S Video to Composite Adapter/Converter
S Video to Composite Cable
S Video to RCA Composite Adapter/Converter
S Video Toslink Cable
S-Video to VGA converter
SATA Controller Card
SATA Hard Drive Enclosure
SATA IDE Converter
SATA Mobile Rack
SATA to IDE Adapter
Scan Converter
SCSI IDE External Case
Serial Ethernet Adapter
Serial Network Adapter
Serial Over IP
Serial PC card
Serial Port
Serial Port Adapter
Serial to USB Conversion
Server Remote Control
Stereo Extension Cable
Stereo Headphone Jack
Stereo Patch Cable
Sun KVM Switch
Thin Toslink Digital Audio Cable
Thin Toslink to Miniplug Cable
Toslink Audio Cable
Toslink Connector
Toslink Coupler
Toslink Optical Audio Cable
Toslink to Miniplug Adapter/Converter
USB Active Extension
USB Amplifier
USB CAT5 Extender
USB Ethernet Adapter
USB Extender Cable
USB Extension
USB Infrared
USB Infrared Adapter
USB Infrared Port
USB IRDA Adapter
USB IRDA Infrared Adapter
USB Repeater
USB To RS232
USB To Serial Conversion
USB To Serial Port Adapter
USB to Serial Port Converter
VGA Extender
VGA Multiplier
VGA Splitter
VGA Switch
VGA Switch Box
VGA Switcher
VGA to Component (YPbPr) Video Converter
VGA to Composite Converter
VGA to HDMI Converter
VGA to S-Video converter
VGA Video Switch
Video Over CAT5
Video Over Cat5
Video Over UTP
Video Scaler
Video Switch