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How can I benefit from USB 3.1? will offer many USB 3.1 products, which feature a reversible connector

Reversible connector

Connect devices more easily with the new Type-C connector, which is fully reversible.

Plug in the device the right way the first time: no more plugging in the wrong way.

Reduce the likelihood of port damage on devices.

USB 3.1 from will offer improved power delivery and management

Improved power delivery and management

Charge high-powered devices more quickly, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Extend the battery life of your mobile devices with improved power management.

USB 3.1 from offers double the bandwidth of USB 3.0

2x speed of USB 3.0 and backwards compatibility

Double the bandwidth compared to USB 3.0.

Transfer large files more quickly and easily between devices with up to 10Gbps.

Connect your older USB devices, including USB 2.0, with backwards compatibility.

The original USB standard was introduced in the 1990s so that it would be easier to connect a computer to other devices, including printers, cameras, keyboards, and disk drives. Since then, USB has replaced many legacy connectors, such as serial and parallel ports, but the evolution is far from complete.

Fast forward to 2015 and the new generation of USB 3.1 opens up new possibilities for better charging, connectivity, video and data transfer, all through one cable at a blistering speed of 10 Gbps!

Are you eager to double your data transfer rates, with improved power delivery for faster charging? With USB 3.1, you get these improvements plus backwards compatibility with your previous USB 2.0 devices. will be launching a full range of USB 3.1 cables to support the newest devices planned for 2015. This includes a new connector, Type-C, that is reversible. This saves you the headache of trying to plug it in the wrong way. Its small size but durable design makes it suitable for use with devices of all sizes, whether laptops or smartphones.

COMING IN 2015 is a pioneer in new connectivity products for the IT professional. With the introduction of USB 3.1, we will be launching a full range of products based on this new protocol.

USB 3.1 Cables from offers USB 3.1 Add-on Cards
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