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Glossary of Technical Terms

DVI Extender



A DVI Extender is a device used to increase the range of DVI video signal transmission beyond standard distance limitations (based on physical characteristics of DVI), allowing displays to be situated more conveniently than would typically be supported. StarTech.com offers two methods of DVI signal extension: One method, classifed as a ""repeater"" (DVIHDCPEXT) is a single unit that boosts the DVI signal being transmitted, countering the effects of attenuation, signal loss, etc. that occur over longer distances. Another method, referred to as a DVI Extender (DVIEXTFIBLC), relies on two units - one situated locally in relation to the signal source, and another unit that is situated in close proximity to the monitor where the signal will be displayed, referred to as the remote unit. The two units are then connected to one another using CAT5 cable.