Unrestricted Versatility
& Performance with

What if you could connect high-resolution displays, transfer data at lightning speeds, and add high-end peripherals to your Mac or Thunderbolt enabled PC—all without a tangled cable mess? You can with

Thunderbolt docking station TB2DOCK4KDHC

Docking Station

Access all your devices in a single connection

Thunderbolt 2 Raid Enclosures S354SMTB2R

Thunderbolt 2 Quad Bay Drive Enclosure with Raid

The Ultimate external storage solution

Thunderbolt cables 1.5, 3, 6 & 10ft lengths available
in white or black


Incredible speed with the dependability you expect

Thunderbolt Hard Drive Enclosures S252SMTB3

Drive Enclosure

You’ve never backed up your data this quickly


Enjoy lightning-fast speed with Thunderbolt

It’s not magic. It’s Thunderbolt. A new technology from Apple and Intel with the extraordinary ability to deliver two channels of data at lightning fast speeds—10Gb/s of throughput in both directions to be exact. And with Thunderbolt 2, ‘amazingly fast’ becomes an understatement thanks to support for 20Gb/s.

Two impressive technologies—one cable

All those high-performance components inside your computer? They’re linked by PCI Express. But Thunderbolt thinks outside the box. Literally. With one cable, connecting your external devices like video capture equipment and RAID arrays is as simple as plug and play, giving you the same speed and performance as if they lived inside your machine.

Impressed? It gets better. Thunderbolt also delivers DisplayPort video. That means you get a crystal-clear digital display experience with the highest resolutions, richest colors, and fastest refresh rates—all delivered through the same cable as PCI Express. DisplayPort even gives you everything you need to support today’s most advanced technology, including Blu-Ray and advanced 3D imaging.

Thunderbolt Performance Comparison

USB 2.0
480 Mb/s
Firewire 800
800 Mb/s
2.5 Gb/s
USB 3.0
5 Gb/s
USB 3.1
10 Gb/s
Channel 1 10 Gb/s Channel 2 10 Gb/s
Thunderbolt 2
Channel 1 20 Gb/s Channel 2 20 Gb/s

Thunderbolt Adapters

Our Thunderbolt adapters turn an existing Thunderbolt port into a versatile multi-purpose port that supports additional connectivity such as eSATA, USB 3.0 and wired gigabit Ethernet.

DEVICE PRODUCT CONNECTIVITY ENABLED USER BENEFITS provides products which turn an existing port into a multi-purpose port Thunderbolt to USB 3.0 or gigabit ethernet Thunderbolt to USB 3.0 pr eSATA
Thunderbolt to gigabit

Thunderbolt to USB 3.0

Thunderbolt to eSATA
  • Quickly transfer a large number of files to and from your device over the network
  • Ideal for locations without a Wi-Fi network
  • Provides the security and reliability of a wired network connection

  • Connect an additional storage device, USB hub, USB printer, or sync with your tablet or smartphone
  • Adds USB 3.0 functionality for pre-2012 model year Apple MacBooks

  • Use your existing eSATA external storage units
  • SATA III support for unrestricted performance

Who Benefits from Thunderbolt?

IT Prosumers

Anyone who puts a premium on performance that requires bottleneck-free connectivity to multiple high-resolution displays*, USB 3.0 ports & blazing fast external storage devices

Mac & PC Users

Enhance the capabilities and connectivity of Thunderbolt equipped Mac & PC notebooks with additional display, USB 3.0 and wired gigabit ports all through a single connection

Creative Professionals

With the proliferation of 20+ megapixel cameras and 4K camcorders, Thunderbolt’s blazing fast transfer speed is now a virtual necessity to improve the creative workflow

Mobile Workers

Convert a notebook computer into a full featured workstation and get no-compromise access to every device on the desk

Video Production

Edit & review uncompressed 4K footage with ease

3D Modelling & CAD/CAM

Quickly load, edit and design large complex 3D graphics models

Daisy-chain up to 6 Thunderbolt devices

Thunderbolt daisy-Chaining diagram

Got multiple devices to connect? Thunderbolt lets you daisy-chain up to six of them without losing any quality or compromising speed. Need to capture a company town hall meeting in high-definition video and connect HD cameras, 4K displays, and high-performance storage to your Mac or PC? By saving you time and hassle, Thunderbolt will instantly become your new favourite member of the team.