Audio Video Products

Audio-Video Products

In today’s world of, computers, mobile technology and BYOD environments, how do you ensure that all devices can connect to displays and projectors when required? And how do you overcome perennial signal management challenges? can help you enable content delivery and collaboration because our products make it easy to connect most IT devices to any display or projector. Our range of products can:

  • Enable digital to analog or analog to digital connectivity through adapters and converters
  • Overcome distance challenges through signal extenders
  • Connect wirelessly when running cable isn’t possible
  • Distribute a signal to more than one display

Whether you need VGA, DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort, we cover all the connectors to complete your solution.



"I use and trust products to complete solutions for my customers. Their wide product selection, including many hard-to-find parts, and fast delivery, makes my job easier. I would recommend to any dealer looking for unique, high-quality A/V or convergence products"

— Rick Ho, London-Audio