Heatsink Thermal Pads - Pack of 5

Improves heat transfer between a CPU/chipset and heatsink with easy-to-use thermal pads


  • Low thermal impedance
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Solid at room temperature, it softens at heatsink operating temperatures
  • Conforms to surface irregularities
5,99 € EUR exc VAT
7,43 € EUR inc VAT

Technical Specifications

Warranty Information
Warranty 2 Years
Specific Gravity 1.11
Thermal Conductivity 0.7 W/m-k
Thermal Resistance 0.03 °C-in/W @ 50 PSI
Special Notes / Requirements
Note Heatsink/Component Clamping Pressure (Recommended): 5 to 100 PSI (0.035 to 0.690 MPa)
Operating Temperature -60°C to 125°C (-76°F to 257°F)
Physical Characteristics
Color Pink
Materials Phase Change Temperature: 58°C

Volume Resistivity: 1x 1015 Ohm-cm

Product Height 0 cm [0 in]
Product Length 30 mm [1.2 in]
Product Width 30 mm [1.2 in]
Weight of Product 6 g [0.2 oz]
Packaging Information
Package Height 2 mm [0.1 in]
Package Length 12.5 cm [4.9 in]
Package Quantity 5
Package Width 90 mm [3.5 in]
Shipping (Package) Weight 8 g [0.3 oz]
What's in the Box
Included in Package 5 - Thermal Pad


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