Product FAQs

Will my mouse and keyboard work with this KVM switch?

Whether a specific mouse or keyboard will work with the KVM switches can depend on the type of mouse or keyboard you use. Any mice or keyboard with additional functionality such as programmable keys, downstream ports (USB or Audio ports), or high-power draw requirements (RGB) could cause issues with a KVM switch. All KVMs are tested with a variety of HID devices from major brands including wireless and wired keyboards and mice, however we recommend that you use a standard wired mouse and keyboard with a KVM switch, especially when troubleshooting issues.

If you cannot get a specific mouse or keyboard to work through the designated HID ports of your KVM switch, you could connect the mouse or keyboard to the USB HUB ports, if available, to broaden compatibility (they are marked on the back of the KVM switch).  If the KVM switch has hotkey support, you may lose hotkey switching functionality when using the keyboard through the HUB ports.


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