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How should I position my AP150WN1X1OD?

The AP150WN1X1OD features a directional antenna at the front of the unit (the front of the unit being the large open surface with the logo on it). The AP150WN1X1OD radiation pattern has a horizontal beam width of 30 degrees and a vertical beam width of 20 degrees.

For best results, you should position the AP150WN1X1OD towards the majority of wireless clients. Optimally, you should place the unit in a corner of a larger area, as opposed to the center. Connectivity can be improved when there is as few obstructions as possible, so you should use the AP150WN1X1OD in open areas.

To get more coverage in a larger geographical area, you can set up a WDS. A WDS works best when there is line-of-sight between the access points. For more information about WDS, refer to the following FAQ:

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