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How do I set up my AP150WN1X1OD as a wireless repeater?

Although the AP150WN1X1OD does not have an explicit repeater mode, multiple access points can be configured in a WDS (Wireless Distribution System) with the same SSID to create a seamless wireless network over a large geographical area.

You can set up the AP150WN1X1OD in a WDS to set up the repeater network and ensure that the same SSID and security settings are used for the main and relay access points. Relay access points can also be daisy chained with other relays by adding their MAC addresses to the WDS AP List of the primary relay access point. For more information about setting up your AP150WN1X1OD in a WDS, refer to the following FAQ:

The following are some drawbacks to using the repeater setup:

  • If you use the same SSID as the main access point, some wireless devices may have to connect to lower power access points, which may cause issues with some wireless devices.
  • Every time that you add a relay access point, the network bandwidth is reduced by half.
  • Large geographical areas or obstructions can depreciate network integrity.

Note: Only IP-based networks can be used with a WDS.

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