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Should I use passive or active video signal converters with this MST hub?

When you convert from DisplayPort to DVI or HDMI, it works best if you use passive video signal converters with MST hubs. The MST hub has the capability to convert a video signal DisplayPort to a DVI or HDMI video signal as long as a video signal converter is used to change the connection type. This is because DisplayPort 1.2 (DP 1.2) supports both MST (Multi-Stream Transport) and Dual Mode (DP++). For more information, refer to the following FAQ:

When you convert from DisplayPort to VGA, you must use an active adapter because DisplayPort uses a digital signal and VGA uses an analog signal, and the MST hub cannot convert from a digital signal to an analog signal.

Note: When you use a video signal converter to convert from DisplayPort to VGA, you should use the DP2VGA3. In certain circumstances, the DP2VGA2 has compatibility issues with certain VGA monitors.

Surface Dock

If you experience issues when you use a Surface Dock to connect passive video signal adapters to an MST hub, Microsoft recommends that you use active video signal converters instead. offers an active video signal converter for DVI monitors (DP2DVIS) and for HDMI monitors (DP2HD4KS).

Note: This issue does not apply to the Surface Pro 3 Docking Station.

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