Customer Support FAQs

When do I qualify for free shipping?

Free, standard ground shipping is available in the following situations:

  • Orders over $500.00 shipped in continental North America.
  • Orders over €500 shipped in Europe.
  • Orders over £500 shipped in the United Kingdom.

Free, standard ground shipping is not available in the following circumstances:

  • Over-sized shipments.
  • Server racks or furniture products.
  • Orders that exceed 200 lb (90 kg).
  • Orders that require special handling.
  • Orders where expedited shipping was selected.
  • The shipping destination is Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico.
  • Second-delivery attempts (the carrier had to go to the customer’s site a second time to deliver the product because the carrier was turned away at the first delivery attempt).

To find out what shipping charges will be added to your order, see the How do I obtain a shipping quote for my order? FAQ.

Note: There is no drop-ship fee on orders shipped directly to end users.

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