Customer Support FAQs

How do I determine the cost of shipping furniture items?

We consider anything that is over-sized or over-weight (e.g. RK2536BKF or RK1219WALHM) furniture items. The cost of shipping furniture items is based on the weight of the whole order and where it is being shipped to. Shipping costs for furniture items must be approved by customers before the orders can be processed. To determine the cost of shipping your furniture items, complete the following:

  1. Place your furniture order. For more information on how to place an order, see How to place an order.
  2. Orders that include furniture items are automatically flagged by the Customer Service Advisory team, and they will email you when they have received a shipping quote from the Shipping Department. This process is usually completed within 1 business day.
  3. Once you approve the charges, your order is processed with the appropriate shipping charges.

Note: If you want to receive a shipping quote before you place an order online, fill out the Sales Inquiry form, and indicate the items that you are interested in purchasing and the address where you want the items shipped to.

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