Technical Support FAQs

Why would I need to change my computer's IP address to access my networking device?

You may need to change your IP address to access your networking device.  To explain why, first we need to explain how IP addresses work.

IP addresses are made up of four sets of numbers generally between 1 and 254, also known as "octets".  For example,  This is required because two devices on a network typically need to have their IP addresses configured to be on the same network to be able to view and connect to each other.

Typically in order for devices to be on the same network, the first three octets must match. The fourth octet must be different, as two devices cannot have the same IP address. For example, if your computer’s IP address is, then the network is You can replace the xxx with any number, as long as it is not currently in use by another device.

Certain devices come with a static IP address set. This address may not be on the same network as the host computer or router that it is being connected to. Manually setting a static IP address on the host computer to the same network of the device will allow you to connect directly to the networking device. This will allow the device’s networking properties to be manually configured through the host computer.  Here you can set a new static IP address for the networking device, which will allow it to connect with your local area network (LAN).  At this point you can change your computer's IP address back to what it was previously and still access the networking device.

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