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Why are my USB peripherals disconnecting on high power draw?

This product features Overcurrent Protection on the downstream USB ports and the device may cut power to peripherals connected to the ports if they exceed the maximum allotted current. The USB ports support the respective rated current in Table A below, however the overall device power output is limited by the host or (if included) power connection.

Table A. USB port voltage and current ratings.
Specification Connector Output Voltage (VDC) Rated Current (mA)
USB 1.1


4.40 - 5.25 500

USB 2.0

USB-A 4.40 - 5.25 500
USB 3.2 (1 lane) USB-A; USB-C* 4.75 - 5.50 900
USB 3.2 (2 lanes) USB-A; USB-C* 4.75 - 5.50 1500
BC 1.2 USB-A; USB-C* 4.75 - 5.50 1500
USB-C (1.5A) USB-C* 4.75 - 5.50 1500
USB-C (3A) USB-C* 4.75 - 5.50 3000

*USB-C spec supersedes the USB 3.2 spec for current limitations.

If Overcurrent Protection is activated but then the current draw on the downstream device drops back below an acceptable level, the USB device will reconnect. This may result in a continuous connection/disconnection cycle. To stop the cycle, disconnect the device from the product for 15-20 seconds and then reconnect it to a different USB port. If the connection/disconnection cycle occurs again, even when device is connected to a different or higher powered USB port on the product, then the USB device is not compatible with this product.

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