Customer Support FAQs

How do I apply to be an international StarTech.com reseller?

To apply to be a StarTech.com reseller as an international customer, complete the following:
Note: If you do not have a Tax ID, contact the Customer Service Advisory team.

  1. Go to the StarTech.com website and click the Login button at the top right hand side.
  2. Under the Create An Account section on the right hand side, select International as your Country/Region.
  3. Select your Customer Type as either Reseller or Systems Integrator, and then click Create Account.
  4. If you meet the criteria listed, select the check box.
  5. Enter your tax identification number.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Under Account Type, select the I am a reseller signing up for the first time option.
  8. Complete all required fields under Contact Information and Company Information.
  9. If you agree to the terms and conditions, select the Terms and Conditions check box.
  10. Select the I'm not a robot checkbox and complete the CAPTCHA verification.
  11. Click Create Account.

It can take up to 1 business day to process your application. The Customer Service Advisory team will email you when your application has been processed.

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