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How do I set up or change the RAID mode for my hard drive enclosure?

Note: Any data currently on the drives will be lost during this process. You need to back up all of your data before you set a RAID mode.

To set a RAID mode, complete the following:

  1. Turn off the hard drive enclosure.
  2. Set the RAID switch to the RAID mode that you want to set.

Note: JBOD is only supported in a DAS (Direct-Attached Storage) connection. If you set JBOD in a NAS (Network-Attached Storage) connection, only one hard drive will be accessible.

  1. Press and hold the Set button and turn on the hard drive enclosure.
  2. When the enclosure is turned on, release the Set button. You may hear a buzzer sound coming from the enclosure, which indicates that you set or changed a RAID mode.

Note: When you change the RAID mode again, complete the steps above to set the unit back to JBOD before you set a different RAID mode.

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