Customer Support FAQs

How do I submit a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)?

If you are an international customer and your product is defective, complete the following to submit an RMA:

  1. Contact the Technical Advisory team to troubleshoot your issue and receive a case number.
  2. To complete the RMA Form, on the StarTech.com website, click the Support tab.
  3. Under Technical Support, click Returning a Product (RMA).
  4. Complete all of the required fields. An asterisk (*) indicates the required fields.
  5. Complete the Product ID, Qty, and Invoice/Purchase Date fields. 
  6. If you purchased your product directly from StarTech.com, complete the StarTech.com Invoice # field.
  7. In the Reason drop-down list, select the reason that you are returning the product, and if necessary, include a detailed explanation. You can also put the case number that the Technical Advisor provided in this field.
  8.  If you did not buy your product from StarTech.com directly, click Browse to attach your proof of purchase.
  9. To add additional products, click Add Another Item.
  10. Click Submit RMA.

The RMA team will email you the RMA number, instructions, and any requests for additional information. RMA numbers are valid for 30 calendar days from the date of issue. StarTech.com reserves the right to authorize product returns beyond 30 days, where applicable.

Note: StarTech.com reserves the right to replace the product with a product of equivalent performance at their sole discretion at any time.


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