USB Hubs

All USB Hubs are plug-and-play, providing easy automatic driver installation that’s Operating System independent.

USB Hubs expand the USB connectivity of your organization’s desktop, laptop, or other USB-enabled host device by connecting multiple USB peripherals to a single USB port.

Industrial USB Hubs offer a USB connectivity solution for high-traffic commercial and industrial environments ranging from warehouses to industrial facilities.’s comprehensive portfolio of USB Hubs offers a solution for virtually any application, including:

  • Industrial Equipment Connectivity
  • Point-of-Sales (POS) Peripheral Connectivity
  • Traditional Office Workstations
  • Work-From-Home Workstations
  • Server Room/Closet Connectivity
  • Boardroom Connectivity USB Hubs are Designed by IT Professionals for IT Professionals

Our USB Hubs are designed and engineered for maximum performance and stability, ensuring speeds are never throttled, even while using self-powered devices across shared ports. They’ve been rigorously tested for thermal & stress performance, signal integrity, and USB protocol compliance.

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