Headset adapter for headsets with separate headphone / microphone plugs - 3.5mm 4 position to 3 position and 2 position 3.5mm M/F

Turns a 3.5mm audio output port into two distinct ports – one 3.5mm headphone jack and one 3.5mm microphone port


3.4 stars (13 reviews) |
  • Compact design for maximum portability - a great solution to have on hand in your laptop bag
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy design that can easily be plugged in when required
  • Headset not included
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Have you recently purchased a newer laptop or Ultrabook and now you can’t figure out where to plug in your favorite headset?

Most new laptops and Ultrabooks come equipped with a single 3.5mm 4-position (4pin) audio port that supports both audio input and output. A great number of headsets on the market come equipped with two separate headphone and microphone connectors that are not compatible with this new configuration.

The MUYHSMFF headset adapter features two 3.5mm 3-position ports that provide a separate headphone and microphone connection that can be connected to the single audio port on your laptop. Alternatively, you can also connect a separate microphone and powered speakers if you prefer to use Skype or chat online without using a headset.

headset adapter

Headset Connectivity  

Simply connect the headphone plug from your headset into the audio output port marked with the headphone symbol, and connect the microphone plug into the audio input port marked with the microphone symbol. Plug the adapter into audio port on your laptop and you’re all set. 

Microphone and Powered Speaker Connectivity

Want to work or game without using a headset?

You can also connect a microphone and powered speakers to your laptop using the adapter. Just plug in your microphone into the audio input port marked with the microphone symbol, and plug your powered speakers into the audio output port marked with the headphone symbol, and connect the adapter to the audio port on your laptop.

Keep in touch while you travel

Are you travelling for work or taking a trip?

The headset adapter features a compact and sturdy design that makes it the perfect solution for mobile applications.

Tuck the adapter in with your tablet or slip it inside another carrying case. It works great with tablets and smartphones that have a single audio port. Just connect the headphone and microphone plugs from your headset into the adapter, connect the adapter to your mobile device and start talking.

This high quality 3.5mm headset adapter is backed by StarTech.com's lifetime warranty.

Please note:

This adapter is not a headphone splitter or Y-cable. It cannot be used to split the audio output to two separate sets of headphones or speakers.

Some laptops and mobile devices will not work with all external microphones. This is typically caused by an impedance mismatch between the microphone and the device. This is due to hardware incompatibility and is not a limitation of the MUYHSMFF adapter.


  • Connect a headset equipped with separate headphone and microphone plugs to the audio port on your laptop
  • Connect an external microphone and powered speakers to the audio port on your laptop
  • Connect a headset equipped with separate headphone and microphone plugs to the audio port on your phone or tablet

The StarTech.com Advantage

  • Turns a 3.5mm combo headphone/microphone port into two distinct ports – one 3.5mm headphone jack and one 3.5mm microphone port
  • Allows the use of older audio accessories with newer computers

Partner Numbers

  • Ingram Mexico A84007J
  • GRUPO CVA AC-8631
  • UPC 065030843515


Warranty Information Warranty Lifetime
Connector(s) 1 - Connector A 3.5 mm Mini-Jack (4 Position)
2 - Connector B 3.5 mm Mini-Jack (3 Position)
Environmental Storage Temperature -15°C to 75°C (-59°F to 167°F)
Humidity 30~60% RH
Hardware Connector Plating Nickel
Cable Jacket Material PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
Packaging Information Package Height 0.3 in [7.0 mm]
Package Length 4.9 in [12.5 cm]
Shipping (Package) Weight 0.5 oz [14.0 g]
Package Width 0.4 in [9.0 mm]
Package Quantity 1
Physical Characteristics Product Height 0.2 in [0.6 cm]
Weight of Product 0.4 oz [12.0 g]
Product Width 0.2 in [6.0 mm]
Color Black
Connector Style Straight
Wire Gauge 28 AWG
Cable Length 7.9 in [200 mm]
Product Length 7.9 in [200.0 mm]
Special Notes / Requirements Note 3.5 mm Mini-Jack (4 position) male is configured per CTIA Standard
What's in the Box 1 - Included in Package 3.5mm 4 Pin to 2x 3 Pin 3.5mm Headset Splitter Adapter - M/F



2m 3.5mm 4 Position TRRS Headset Extension Cable - M/F

Extend the connection distance between your iPhone®, mobile phone or computer headset by 2 meters

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$238.95 MXN
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Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Buy

Four-position audio cables, connectors, and adapters come in two different wiring standards: CTIA and OMTP. The four-position standard is more commonly referred to as Tip Ring Ring Sleeve (TRRS).

All StarTech.com TRRS audio cables, connectors, and adapters conform to the CTIA standard. Some OMTP audio devices can detect which pinout is being used and switch to the CTIA standard, but not all audio devices can do this.

The CTIA pinout is as follows:

Tip Left Audio
Ring 1 Right Audio
Ring 2 Ground
Sleeve Microphone

Compliance and safety

Compliance letters

Safety Measures

  • If product has an exposed circuit board, do not touch the product under power.
  • If Class 1 Laser Product. Laser radiation is present when the system is open.
  • Wiring terminations should not be made with the product and/or electric lines under power.
  • Product installation and/or mounting should be completed by a certified professional as per the local safety and building code guidelines.
  • Cables (including power and charging cables) should be placed and routed to avoid creating electric, tripping or safety hazards.
*Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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(5 Stars)

Great quality product; a little on the expens side

By: Simon - 03/19/2014
We purchased 35 of these adapters for our computer lab. Our recently purchased all-in-one computers have combined 4-position sockets for headphone/microphone, but our headsets come with two separate 3-position jacks for headphones/Mic. So we needed these adapters to split the combined input jack. PROS: High-quality build and material; great quality throughput both for Mic and headphones; timely delivery thanks to express delivery option. CONS: Price; we could purchase them at retail store at $7.99; but they could not provide the quantity we wanted in time. So we had to buy directly from Startech at a higher price.
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(5 Stars)

Great product - great service!

By: JimB - 03/25/2015
This is a very useful product for using a cell phone to output calls to capture for broadcast on KNSJ. We have purchased several of them and will be buying more in the future.
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(3 Stars)

Broke Quickly

By: Sam38 - 05/01/2015
Had it for about a month. I bumped the male part and it won't play sound in my left ear AND i can't use my microphone.
| Helpful?
Customer Support, Customer Support on 5/4/2015 2:53:14 PM
Hello Sam38, Thank you for providing feedback on the MUYHSMFF headset adapter. We're sorry to hear the unit stopped working for you, and we would like to offer our assistance. If you have not done so already, can you try utilizing the cable with another CTIA compliant headset to see if the issue persists? If other CTIA headsets also fail to work properly, then the adapter may have become faulty. If this is the case, please feel free to get in touch with us and reference case number 303-225766. This product is backed by a lifetime warranty, and it would be our pleasure to send you a new unit. Thank you, and we hope to hear from you soon. Customer Support StarTech.com http://www.startech.com/techsupport
By: Zboyzmom - 03/18/2016
Seems to be a common issue with the adapters. Had to buy them for each of my boys gaming headsets and they both started experiencing trouble after a couple weeks. Unfortunately, I can't find them available for purchase in any of the electronics stores I've checked.
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(3 Stars)

It works but.....

By: Vadgv - 09/21/2015
This adapter works as it should but sometimes there can be a harsh crackling sound, I assure it isn't my headset as I have tested it on another computer with a split mic and headphone input.
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(2 Stars)

It sort of works

By: Vivi - 02/04/2017
I bought this for my Logitech G230 headset so I could use it on my Asus Zenbook which only has one audio jack. But it crackles and sometimes stops working or the microphone stops working but the audio is doing fine.
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(5 Stars)

Nice simple splitter

By: NickD_CA4 - 02/05/2017
I have been using this product for a few weeks. It allows me to connect separate headphones and microphone to my laptop with a single jack for both. I have also tested it on my iPhone and works well for the same purpose. The product comes in a nice little bag and is very small and discrete. The cable is well made, both sturdy and flexible. The connectors fit well and hold cables nicely. The only issue I have is the images one the ends indicating microphone port and headphone port are hard to read. Not a big issue as once you figure it out you are likely to leave everything connected. So far I am happy with this product and will use it regularly. I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.
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(5 Stars)
By: LuisS - 07/19/2017
I got this just before my trip to a conference in California and I didn't want to use a Bluetooth anymore. I tried it with my Samsung and it works very well. I only had 1 problem only where I could hear some cracking noises but the problem has gone away. I tested it as well with my kids Ipads and there was no problem. This is a good product for a good price. “I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.”
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(3 Stars)

Doesn't with iPhone and iPad

By: Ravn202 - 01/05/2018
Why not just say right on websites DOES NOT WORK WITH APPLE PRODUCTS. Rather misleading when you say it works with smartphones rather than informing buyers only works with some smartphones and not iPhones and iPads.
| Helpful?
Brian, Customer Support on 1/16/2018 3:38:20 PM
Thanks for sharing your feedback on our MUYHSMFF audio adapter. We apologize for the confusion regarding what devices it will work with. We've made a note on our Technical Specifications explaining how our adapter is configured. We also wanted to mention this adapter will work with most newer Apple products but it's important to check how your specific Apple product is configured.
(5 Stars)

Works great for external mic on Samsung Galaxy S5

By: TerryW - 06/07/2018
Bought this splitter so I could use an external microphone to record videos on my Galaxy S5. Initially the phone didn't see the mic but after a visit to chat.startech.com and a bit of reconnecting a few times, it saw it and works fine. Appears well built.
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(4 Stars)

Worked great, until it didn't.

By: 4thidLerch - 09/20/2018
The fact that I was able to obtain the exact splitter I was searching for easily on Amazon from StarTech was GREAT ! Unfortunately, I've had 2 exact items fail in different ways in less than a year.
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(1 Stars)

Not a (1) 4-position to (2) 3-position splitter

By: nothappyhere - 09/29/2018
I was having problems with this connecting a microphone. I cut the microphone side cable and only discovered two wires and no shield. Seems to me this is a (1) 4-position to a 2-position and maybe (I haven't cut that side open) a 3-position splitter.
| Helpful?
Nick V., Customer Support on 10/1/2018 4:42:00 PM
We're sorry to hear that you're having difficulties with our MUYHSMFF. This adapter does have two 3-position connectors, however, the microphone side only needs two wires since the audio output is split to the other 3-position connector. Different 4-position devices may use different wiring standards, which may explain why you weren't able to get your microphone working. Our MUYHSMFF uses the "CTIA" wiring standard. If you ever have problems with a StarTech.com product, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800 265-1844. One of our advisors would be happy to help!
(2 Stars)

Shooting video with samsung phone

By: Ronbo - 10/18/2019
I bought this adapter to shoot video. I wanted to use an external mic and headphones. The mic works but the headphones do not. Am I missing something? Hooking up the mic is the most important part so there is that but I sure would love it if the headphones worked.
| Helpful?
Matt, Customer Support on 10/22/2019 5:54:23 PM
We always try to ensure our customers have exceptional experiences with us and our products and we apologize for the problems you're experiencing with our MUYHSMMF. This adapter should work with standard headphones and a microphone on a Samsung phone and we'd like to speak with you further to help get this working properly for you. Please contact us at www.startech.com/support where our Technical Advisors are available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week to provide support.
(1 Stars)

Does not work with Apple products

By: Rusty User - 08/14/2020
As others have mentioned, this does not work with Apple products. I've tried it on iPhone 6s and higher, as well as the most recent iPad and iPad mini tablets. Apple uses a different protocol and they don't mention that on here or even on their tech support when you talk with them. They say Apple devices should work "under normal circumstances". They do not. Save yourself the time.
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