4-Port HDMI Automatic Switch - 4K 60Hz

Switch between four HDMI video sources on a single display with support for Ultra HD resolutions

Product ID: VS421HD20

4.4 stars (5 reviews) |
  • Astonishing picture quality with support for 4K 60Hz
  • Hassle-free operation with automatic 4-port switching and an IR remote control included
  • 7.1 surround sound
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This 4-port HDMI video switch lets you share an HDMI 2.0 display or projector with four HDMI 2.0 video sources. The switch features four independent video inputs that can each support 4K resolution at 60Hz, making it the perfect solution for connecting four video sources to a display that has a limited number of HDMI 2.0 ports.

Astonishing picture quality with support for Ultra HD 4K at 60Hz

The HDCP 2.2 HDMI switch lets you harness the High Dynamic Range (HDR) capability of your HDMI 2.0 video sources and deliver it to your UHD 4K60 display. Unlike many 4K switches that only support a 30Hz refresh rate, this switch works with HDMI 2.0 displays with output resolutions of up to 3840 x 2160p at 60Hz.

Don't be fooled by a clever spin on old technology. Many HDMI switches support 4K but will only work at a 30Hz refresh rate, or claim support for 60Hz but heavily compress their signal to a lower 4:2:0 chroma subsampling in order to work at inferior bitrates. This 4K 60Hz HDMI switch uses the latest components to offer full support for your HDMI 2.0 equipment, supporting true 4K resolution at 60Hz with 4:4:4 chroma subsampling. Support for HDMI 2.0 devices means this switch can transmit bandwidth up to 18Gbps, making it ideal for high-resolution computer tasks. 

The switch is backward compatible with 4K 30Hz and 1080p displays, which ensures that it will work with lower resolution displays such as TVs or projectors around your site or in a digital signage application.

Hassle-free Operation with automatic switching

This switch ensures effortless operation with automatic switching that detects and selects a newly connected device. It's perfect for automatically switching to a 4K media player such as a 4K UHD Blu-ray™ player as soon as it's switched on. In your classroom or office boardroom, the automatic switch makes it easy to share your projector between multiple sources, which encourages on-the-fly collaboration among colleagues.

The HDMI switch also supports manual operation, using the included IR remote control or the built-in front-panel toggle switch.

The VS421HD20 is backed by a 2-year StarTech.com warranty and free lifetime technical support.


  • Share 4K60 display with four different video sources
  • Collaborate on the fly with colleagues, by connecting multiple users to the same display and switching between input devices
  • Use in digital signage applications to display multiple source devices at different times

Partner Numbers

  • Ingram Micro España V933972
  • Esprinet VS421HD20
  • UPC 065030866415


Warranty Information Warranty 2 Years
Connector(s) 4 - Connector A HDMI (19 pin)
1 - Connector B HDMI (19 pin)
Environmental Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Storage Temperature -10°C to 80°C (14°F to 176°F)
Humidity 10% to 85% RH
Hardware Ports 4
AV Output HDMI
Audio Yes
Industry Standards HDMI 2.0
Indicators 4 - LED Indicators input LEDs
1 - LED Indicators power LED
Packaging Information Package Height 53.0 mm [2.1 in]
Package Length 15.1 cm [5.9 in]
Shipping (Package) Weight 434.0 g [15.3 oz]
Package Width 22.0 mm [0.9 in]
Performance Maximum Digital Resolutions 4K @ 60 Hz
Supported Resolutions 3840x2160 (4K) 60Hz
2560x1600 60Hz
1920x1200 60Hz
1920x1080 (1080p) 60Hz
1280x720 (720p) 60Hz
Wide Screen Supported Yes
Audio Specifications 7.1 Surround sound
General Specifications Lower resolutions are also supported
Physical Characteristics Weight of Product 152.0 g [5.4 oz]
Color Black
Material Steel
Product Length 12.3 cm [4.8 in]
Product Width 51.0 mm [2.0 in]
Product Height 2.0 cm [0.8 in]
Power Power Source AC Adapter Included
Input Voltage 100 - 240 AC
Input Current 0.4 A
Output Voltage 5 DC
Output Current 2000 mA
Plug Type M
What's in the Box 1 - Included in Package HDMI video switch
IR remote control (with CR2025 battery)
Universal Power Adapter (NA, EU, UK, ANZ)


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DC Power Adapter - 5V, 3A

Replace your lost or failed power adapter

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Frequently Asked Questions


When you troubleshoot issues with a video splitter, there are some quick tests that you can complete to rule out potential problems. You can test to make sure that the following components are working correctly and are not the source of the issue:

  • Video cables

  • Video splitter

  • Video source (such as a DVD player or computer)

  • Video destination (such as a monitor or projector)

Note: When you are testing setup components, you should avoid using video adapters. For example, if you are converting a VGA source to HDMI for use with an HDMI splitter, you should use an HDMI source when you test the components.

To test your setup components, try the following:

  • Use the cable, video splitter, video source, and video destination in another setup to see if the problem is with the components or the setup.

  • Use a different cable, video splitter, video source, and video destination in your setup to see if the problem persists. Ideally, you should test a component that you know works in another setup.

When you test your cables, it is recommended that you do the following:

  • Test each cable individually.

  • Use short cables when you are testing.

When you test the video source and video destination, it is recommended that you do the following:

  • Remove the video splitter from your setup and test to make sure that the video source and video destination work together without the video splitter.

  • Test to make sure that the video source and video destination work together at the resolution that you want to use.

Note: In order for your setup to work properly, the video source, splitter, and destination all need to support the resolution that you are using.

Video splitters take the output for monitor port 1 and mirror it to the remaining outputs. By default, the first output port is the master port that is mirrored to each additional monitor. Make sure that you use the first output port when you use the video splitter. The master port is labeled on the splitter boxes from StarTech.com. On the splitter cables from StarTech.com, the master port is the top port.

If you are having issues with a splitter interpreting the incorrect port as the master port, try the following:

  1. Unplug all of the video connections.

  2. If the splitter is powered, power cycle the splitter.

  3. Plug in all of the video connections again.

  4. Make sure that the first video connection plugged in is the one that you want to be the master port.

You might encounter resolution issues when you use a video splitter. This can occur because the information and resolution on one display are being copied and sent to each of the additional displays. You should make sure that all of the displays that you are using can support the output resolution. For more information, refer to the following FAQ: https://www.startech.com/faq/video_splitters_correct_port_usage

Before You Buy

This device outputs HDMI video signals. If you have a display or video destination that uses another type of video connection, there are ways that you can convert the video signal or connection. These options are outlined below and organized by the target connection.


When you consider whether to convert an HDMI video signal to another connection type, it is important to know if the media that is being converted from the HDMI video connection is protected by High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP). If the media is protected by HDCP, you cannot convert to analog video connections because they do not support HDCP. You may experience this issue when you use devices like Blu-ray players, DVD players, and certain gaming consoles.

Target connection Conversion
VGA HDMI to VGA: https://www.startech.com/AV/Converters/Video/?filter_AVINPUT=HDMI&filter_AVOUTPUT=VGA.

HDMI to DVI: https://www.startech.com/Cables/Audio-Video/HDMI/HDMI-to-DVI/.

DisplayPort HDMI to DisplayPort: https://www.startech.com/AV/Converters/Video/?filter_AVINPUT=HDMI&filter_AVOUTPUT=DisplayPort.


HDMI 2.0 offers some new features that were not available with the HDMI 1.4 standard, including the following:

  • 4K resolution (4096x2160) at 60 Hz
  • 21:9 aspect ratio support
  • Four audio streams
  • High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) version 2.2

Although HDMI 2.0 is backwards compatible with older HDMI standards, newer HDMI devices need to support HDCP 2.2 in order to display new content. If you use an HDMI device that only supports HDCP 2.0, an error will be displayed when you try to display content that has HDCP 2.2.

Common Issues

Turning off one video source, such as a Blu-Ray player, may cause all displays on the output ports to enter standby mode. This is a feature of Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) and to avoid this behavior you will need to disable CEC on the video source.

Compliance and safety

Compliance letters

Safety Measures

  • If product has an exposed circuit board, do not touch the product under power.
  • If Class 1 Laser Product. Laser radiation is present when the system is open.
  • Wiring terminations should not be made with the product and/or electric lines under power.
  • Product installation and/or mounting should be completed by a certified professional as per the local safety and building code guidelines.
  • Cables (including power and charging cables) should be placed and routed to avoid creating electric, tripping or safety hazards.
*Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Excellent - 4-Port 4K HDMI Video Switch @ 60Hz

By: JHuber1 - 03/27/2017
I have been in the technology business for over 35 years and for the past 20+ years I have been asked to provide unbiased reviews of various products from both the AV and IT world. In review of this product I have found that this product provides true 4K video from the 4 independent sources. Unlike others I have tested, there is no tearing or pixelation during fast motion video partly due to the 60Hz refresh rate where others in this same class only allow 30Hz. The remote is intuitive and there is not set up for the device, therefore there is no instruction manual as there is no need for one. In the box: -HDMI Video Switch -IR Remote Control (with CR2025 battery) -Universal Power Adapter (NA, EU, UK, ANZ) In summation, solid product, intuitive and easy to use. I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.
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(5 Stars)

Excellent - easy switching

By: Macphoto - 04/05/2017
What a nice product. I found the overall build quality of this to be great and the ability to switch from one HDMI source was simple and easy. There was no pixelation and no interference at all with this unit. I have one device that would not detect properly but this is a very old HDMI 1.0 source which may have had something to do with it. Every other product I tried worked perfectly and there was no degradation of image quality. If you have limited HDMI ports on your system or are like me and want a simple 1 cable connection to the tv and many devices to go input, this is a perfect little product. The box contains the switch, remote, and power adapter. On a side note I used Startech HDMI cables for my hookup and again they worked perfectly. I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review
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(5 Stars)

4-Port HDMI Video Switch

By: Starr - 05/09/2017
This Switch was extremely easy to setup and accepted a number of different input devices without issue. The ability to accept 4K content worked great.
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(5 Stars)

4K Love

By: RobbieG86 - 02/06/2021
Works seamlessly! Perfect with my Samsung 4K UHDTV = PC
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(2 Stars)

Works almost

By: Daniba - 11/19/2021
I bought this as a cheap short term solution for a difficult problem in an aula. At first it seemed to work but yesterday the pc could not detect the attached beamer. It switched to another laptop without a problem. But the pc did not recognise any device even if it did the day before. I'll go back and fiddle with the cabling a bit. Back to the old drawing board...
| Helpful?
Atha, Customer Support on 11/21/2021 9:32:46 PM
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review of our VS421HD20. We are sorry to hear that you experienced difficulty with VS421HD20. This is not expected behavior for our 4 port HDMI splitter. Our Technical Advisors will be reaching out to you shortly.
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