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How many monitors can I run at a 4K resolution?

Multi-Stream Transport (MST) hubs split the total data throughput of a single DisplayPort source to multiple DisplayPort outputs.

When you use a 4K resolution, you use more data than if you were using a 2K or 1080p connection, which limits the amount of bandwidth to the other DisplayPort outputs. As such, you can only have two 4K monitors @30 Hz in any given setup, as each monitor requires 38% of the total data throughput provided by a DisplayPort output.

The data throughput used with a single 4K monitor @60 Hz effectively doubles the amount of data being used, which results in 76% of the total data being used. In this circumstance, you cannot use more than one 4K monitor @60 Hz. The only other additional monitor that you can use is 1080p60, which uses 22% of the bandwidth.

Further explanation of the bandwidth allocation can be found under the Product Overview tab of the MST hub.