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Discontinued - Copper CPU Cooler Fan and Heatsink for AMD Athlon

Product ID: FANC725A

  • High performance, reliable, 7x2.5cm ball bearing fan

  • Built-in speed sensor allows the system to monitor fan speed and operating status

  • Fits all AMD Socket A and Intel® Socket 370 CPUs

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Maximize the cooling of your AMD Athlon XP or MP CPU with this new all-copper powerhouse HSF from A breezy 7x2.5 cm fan combined with a large ultra-cool bonded-fin copper heatsink keeps AMD CPUs of 2800+ speed rating and higher at frosty temperatures.
The Advantage
  • All copper construction for superior heat transfer
  • Extra large thin fins for efficient heat removal
  • Compatible with AMD Athlon™ XP, Athlon™ MP, Duron™, Pentium® III, Celeron®370
  • AMD Athlon desktop PCs
Warranty Information
Warranty 2 Years
Fan Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Air Flow Rate 42 CFM
AMD Athlon XP (2800+) up to 2.25 GHz
Duron up to 2.25 GHz
K6 series up to any speed
Connectors 3 – Lead TX3 motherboard connector
CPU Compatibility
Fan Dimensions
Fan Enclosure Plastic
Fan RPM 3800
Fan Type Ball Bearing
Heatsink Dimensions
Heatsink Material Copper
Inches 2.65 x 2.2 x 1.6
2.7 x 2.7 x 0.94
Intel Celeron up to 1.4 GHz
Pentium III up to 1.4 GHz
Millimeters 67 x 57 x 40
70 x 70 x 24
Noise Level (dB) 35
Socket type Socket A & Socket 370
Speed (RPM) 3800
Voltage 12V
Weight 362 grams
Connector Type(s) 1 - Molex Fan (3 pin, TX3) Female
Physical Characteristics
Color Black
Product Weight 362 g [12.8 oz]
Packaging Information
Shipping (Package) Weight 0.5 kg [1 lb]
What's in the Box
Included in Package 1 - Copper CPU Heatsink Fan for AMD Athlon

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