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Does your server room suffer from cable clutter? It’s an eyesore, but it also reduces space, air flow, and cooling. And this clutter can cause delays when you need to diagnose problems.

Our KVM cables offer high-quality connections with fewer tangles, and can help you:

  • Combine different types of connections like video and data in a single cable
  • Combine video and data into a single port
  • Optimize and reduce the connections needed
  • Organize cables at the rack, row, and room level
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4-in-1 USB DisplayPort® KVM Switch Cable w/ Audio & Microphone - 6ft
6ft 4-in-1 USB DisplayPort KVM Switch Cable w/ Audio & Microphone

Connect high resolution DisplayPort® video, USB, and audio all in one cable

32,99 € exc VAT
41,24 € inc VAT