Metal Cable Tie Tool - Metal Zip Tie Tightener Tool - Stainless Steel Cable Tie Installation Gun - Tensioning & Cutting Zip Ties Tool - Tensioner & Cutter for Metal Tie Wrap

Tensioning & Cutting Tool | For Metal Zip Ties | Installs 316SS Stainless Steel Cable Ties


  • DURABLE METAL CABLE TIE TOOL : This portable pocket sized cable tie installation gun quickly and easily installs 316SS stainless steel cable ties; Works with Metal Cable Ties (CBMMCT)
  • EASY-TO-USE: With a one-squeeze mechanism, the metal zip tie tightener adjusts the cable tie tension to perfectly suite your cable bundle, and trims excess metal from the cable tie in one motion
  • SUPPORTS VARIOUS SIZES: This versatile cable tensioning and cutting tool works with any length of cable tie wrap, and supports widths from 0.18in (4.6mm) to 0.31in (7.9mm)
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  • STARTECH.COM CABLE TIES AVAILABLE: offers a 50PK of 316SS stainless steel ties (9x0.47in) that are nylon 11 coated for abrasion & weather resistance; Part Number: CBMMCT (sold separately)
  • STARTECH.COM ADVANTAGE: This cable tie tensioner and cutter tool is backed for life by, including 24/5 technical support
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