6in DisplayPort Port Saver Cable – M/F

Protects DisplayPort® video card and monitor interfaces from damage and wear

Nº de produit : DPEXTAA6IN

  • Molded latching connectors with strain relief
  • Includes all 20 DisplayPort pins to support Multi-Mode DisplayPort devices
  • Supports the DPCP (DisplayPort Content Protection) standard in addition to HDCP
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The DPEXTAA6IN 6-inch DisplayPort Port Saver Cable/coupler avoids expensive repairs to a computer or display. It does this by extending the port by 6in, thereby eliminating the weight and stress that would typically be placed on the port by a DisplayPort cable. This is especially useful in an environment where cables are unplugged and re-inserted frequently.

Points forts de

  • Prevents repairs to your computer or display by extending the port to eliminate the stress that would be placed on the port by a DisplayPort cable
  • Extend your DisplayPort interface by 6in
  • Backed by's Lifetime Warranty


Protect the on-board DisplayPort interface from damage cause by frequent connect/disconnects

Allows supported Displayport devices to draw power from the host device

Spécifications techniques

Garantie Lifetime
Nombre de conducteurs 20
Placage du connecteur Or
Type de blindage du câble Feuille d'aluminium-Mylar avec blindage tressé
Type de gaine de câble PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
Connecteur A 1 - DisplayPort (20 broches) Mâle
Connecteur B 1 - DisplayPort (20 broches) Femelle
Caractéristiques physiques
Calibre du fil 28 AWG
Couleur Noir
Dia. ext. du câble 7.3 mm [0.3 in]
Dimensions max. du connecteur 20.4 mm [0.8 in]
Longueur de câble 152.4 mm [6 in]
Poids du produit 38 g [1.3 oz]
Informations d'emballage
Poids brut 70 g [2.5 oz]
Contenu du paquet
Inclus dans le paquet 1 - 6in DisplayPort port extension


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