6 ft 3.5mm Stereo Extension Audio Cable - M/F

Extend the connection distance between your computer and speakers by up to 6-feet

Nº de produit : MU6MF

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This 6ft Stereo Extension Cable features one 3.5mm Male audio and one 3.5mm Female audio connectors, allowing you to extend a computer audio connection by up to 6ft.

This cable offers a cost-effective way to position computer speakers etc. as needed, without having to worry about "stretching" the audio cable.

Constructed of high quality materials and designed to provide a dependable audio connection, this high quality 6ft 3.5mm audio extension cable is backed by's Lifetime Warranty.

Points forts de

  • Position your Receiver/ amplifier an additional 6 feet away from your computer or portable audio device
  • Replace worn-out or missing speaker audio cables with this high quality, 6ft 3.5mm Stereo Extension Audio Cable
  • Backed by's lifetime warranty


Extends PC speaker cable

Spécifications techniques

Garantie Lifetime
Placage du connecteur Nickel
Connecteur A 1 - Mini-jack 3,5 mm (3 positions) Mâle
Connecteur B 1 - Mini-jack 3,5 mm (3 positions) Femelle
Caractéristiques physiques
Couleur Noir
Longueur de câble 1.8 m [6 ft]
Longueur du produit 1.8 m [6 ft]
Poids du produit 0.1 kg [0.1 lb]
Style de connecteur Droit
Informations d'emballage
Poids brut 0.1 kg [0.1 lb]
Contenu du paquet
Inclus dans le paquet 1 - 6 Ft. Stereo PC Speaker Extension


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€ 3,99 hors TVA
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