1ft Low Profile SATA to eSATA Plate Adapter

Add an eSATA port to your PC, extended from internal Serial ATA connection port

Nº de produit : ESATAPLT1LP

  • 1x SATA Receptacle
  • 1x eSATA Plug
  • Supports full SATA 3.0 6Gbps bandwidth
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€ 6,04 EUR incluant TVA


The ESATAPLT1LP Low Profile SATA to eSATA plate adds external data support to any existing Serial ATA controller, allowing you to connect external SATA (eSATA) storage to a computer. With support for data transfer rates of up to 6Gbps, this external SATA plate allows you to take advantage of the increased data integrity provided by external hard drives or RAID devices that support eSATA connections.

The adapter plate can be mounted to the rear panel of the computer case, providing straightforward eSATA to SATA connections and allowing users to connect their eSATA device (hard drive enclosure, etc.) to the provided eSATA port which is an extension of the motherboard SATA data connector.

Constructed of only top quality materials and designed for optimum performance, and reliability the ESATAPLT1LP is backed by our lifetime warranty.

Points forts de

  • Enables you to connect an external eSATA hard drive to a low profile PC
  • Adds an eSATA port to your desktop, providing an external, shielded connection port on the back of your PC
  • Backed by's lifetime warranty


Extend a SATA connection to a low profile plate, to enable connection of an eSATA storage device

Spécifications techniques

Garantie Lifetime
Type de gaine de câble PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
Connecteur A 1 - SATA (7 broches , données) Prise
Connecteur B 1 - eSATA (7 broches , données) Prise
Caractéristiques physiques
Couleur Rouge
Longueur de câble 0.3 m [1 ft]
Longueur du produit 0.3 m [1 ft]
Poids du produit 35 g [1.2 oz]
Style de connecteur Droit
Informations d'emballage
Poids brut 35 g [1.2 oz]
Contenu du paquet
Inclus dans le paquet 1 - 1ft Low Profile SATA to eSATA Plate Adapter