Customer Support FAQs

Where can I buy products?

There are three ways that you can buy products:

  • You can purchase products directly through the website by creating an account. For more information about how to create an account, see How do I create an account? and for how to place an order, see How do I place an order online.
  • You can purchase products through authorized resellers and distributors. Resellers and distributors are listed on the product page, directly below the product picture. Typically, distributors only handle requests from companies related to I.T. and established resellers, while resellers sell to the general public.
  • Many products are carried by local resellers.

A complete list of the online resellers, retailers, government and education vendors, and distributors can be found on the Where to Buy page on the website. To see which vendors are available in your area, select your country or region.

Note: If you are on the Canadian website, you will need to click Canada to view Canadian resellers and distributors.​

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