VGA over Cat5 Digital Signage Receiver for DS128 with RS232 & Audio

Voor het verlengen en centraal bedienen van VGA-video, audio en RS232-besturingssignalen naar meerdere beeldschermen

Productcode: DSRXL

  • Receiver supports VGA, audio, and RS-232 serial signals when used with DS Series DS128 8 Port Transmitter
  • DSNet Manager JAVA based software puts you in control. Software allows access to each receiver to configure system, image quality, power on/off receivers, and turn video or audio off.
  • Supports resolutions up to 1600x1200 at 100m / 300ft distance. Ability to go up to a total maximum 300m / 900ft when daisy chaining a maximum of five DSRXL receivers.
  • Easily scalable system allows up to 80 displays to be connected using the DS Series eight port transmitter and DSRXL receivers.
375,99 € EUR exc BTW
454,95 € EUR inc BTW

Overzicht's DS Series Digital Signage Broadcaster VGA Cat5 Receiver offers a comprehensive audio and video extension system, with the added benefit of serial control!

The DSRXL VGA Receiver(s) can be installed at the destination points, allowing you to distribute VGA video as well as the accompanying audio and serial control signals from the connected Serial, Audio and VGA Cat5 Digital Signage Broadcaster (DS128 - purchased separately), all over one Cat5 cable.

Ensuring not only a simple and cost-effective way to extend and control VGA video and the corresponding audio, the DS series (DS128 and DSRXL) also maintains exceptional, high quality video, up to 1600x1200 over a 100m connection. For further extension, you can daisy chain up to five receivers, for a maximum distance of 300m.

How it works diagram Voordeel

  • One system, one Cat5 cable to deliver and control your video, audio, and serial signals to each display.
  • High resolution support of 1600x1200 ensures high quality signal delivery for high definition content.
  • Included DSNet Manager software saves time allowing to tweak each receiver and display anywhere on a local area network or a wireless local area network.
  • Future additions are easy with the ability to split each receiver to two displays or daisy chain up to five receivers.


Use digital signage to catch the attention of your audience and deliver up to date content the way you want it to be seen and heard.

The DS Series can be used in education, health care, retail, hospitality, and other environments.

Broadcast up to 80 displays when daisy chaining receivers. Deliver a VGA, audio and serial signal to each display along with the DSRXL receivers. With RS-232 controls you can control displays from the PC or media player.

Technische specificaties

Garantie 2 Years
Audio Ja
Bekabeling Cat5 UTP
Industriestandaarden DDC/EDID Emulation for port 1 monitor
Op elkaar aansluitbaar Ja
Poorten 1
Rack-monteerbaar Ja
Audiospecificaties Two channel stereo audio supported
Max. afstand 300 m / 950 ft
Maximale analoge resoluties 1600x1200
Maximale kabellengte 10 m [32.8 ft]
Ondersteunde resoluties 1600x1200 @ 100m(330ft)
1280x1024 @ 300m(950ft)
Ondersteuning breedbeeld: Ja
Aansluitingen externe eenheid 2 - 3,5 mm mini-jack (3 standen) Vrouwelijk
2 - DB-9 (9-polig, D-Sub) Mannelijk
2 - RJ-45 Vrouwelijk
2 - VGA (15-polig, D-Sub met hoge dichtheid) Vrouwelijk
Speciale opmerkingen / vereisten
Notitie Up to 5 receiver units can be daisy-chained from the broadcaster unit extending to a maximum distance of 300m
Inclusief voedingsadapter Inclusief wisselstroomadapter
Polariteit pin midden Positief
Uitgangsspanning 5 DC
Uitgangsstroom 2A
Vermogensopname 10
Bedrijfstemperatuur 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Opslagtemperatuur -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Vochtigheid 0~90% RH
Fysieke eigenschappen
Breedte product 132 mm [5.2 in]
Gewicht product 526 g [18.6 oz]
Hoogte product 26 mm [1 in]
Kleur Zwart
Lengte product 135 mm [5.3 in]
Type behuizing Staal
Verzendgewicht (verpakt) 1.1 kg [2.3 lb]
Wat wordt er meegeleverd
Meegeleverd 1 - Digital Signage Receiver
2 - Mounting Brackets w/ Screws
1 - Universal Power Adapter (NA/UK/EU/AUS)
1 - Instruction Manual