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DB9M to DB25M Serial Adapter

Zet een vrouwelijke DB9-poort om naar een mannelijke DB25-poort

Productcode: AT925MM

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This convenient Serial Adapter features a DB9 (9 pin) Male connector and a DB25 (25 pin) Male connector, allowing you to link a device with a 9 pin female connector to a serial device with a 25 pin female connector. Voordeel

  • A cost-effective way of converting a 9-pin female serial port to a 25-pin male port
  • Easy to use and intall
  • Backed by's lifetime warranty


Converts a 25 pin serial port to a 9 pin

Technische specificaties

Garantie Lifetime
Connector A 1 - DB-9 (9-polig, D-Sub) Mannelijk
Connector B 1 - DB-25 (25-polig, D-Sub) Mannelijk
Fysieke eigenschappen
Kleur Grijs
Verzendgewicht (verpakt) 0.1 kg [0.1 lb]
Wat wordt er meegeleverd
Meegeleverd 1 - 9 to 25 Pin Adaptor M/M



Veelgestelde vragen (FAQ)

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A straight-through serial cable is the most common type of serial cable, used to connect a Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) device (for example, a computer) to a Data Communications Equipment (DCE) device (for example, a modem). The pinout of the serial connectors on both sides of the cable are exactly the same with a straight-through serial cable.

A null modem serial cable (frequently called a crossover cable) is used to connect two DTE devices together without the use of a DCE device in between. For this to happen, the Transmit (TXD) and Receive (RXD) pins on one of the serial connectors are flipped.

To confirm the type of serial cable that is required for your device or configuration, refer to the information provided by the manufacturer.