Presentation Remote - Wireless Presenter - 90 ft. (27 m)

Control your presentation from anywhere in the room and highlight areas of the screen using the built-in laser pointer


  • Confidently move throughout your presentation space with a wireless range up to 90 ft. (27 m)
  • Easily control your presentation with intuitive push-button operation and no additional software or drivers required
  • Clearly direct your audience with a built-in laser pointer
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  • Ergonomic design
  • Protective storage case included
  • Batteries included (2 x AAA)
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Technical Specifications

Warranty Information
Warranty 2 Years
Max Distance 27 m / 90 ft
Optical Power 1mW
WAVELENGTH 650+20 mm
Wireless Band 2.4 GHz
Special Notes / Requirements
Note This is a class 2 laser product
Humidity 30%~80% RH
Operating Temperature 5℃ to 45℃ (41°F to 113°F)
Storage Temperature 5℃ to 45℃ (41°F to 113°F)
Physical Characteristics
Color Black
Product Height 1 in [25 mm]
Product Length 5.3 in [134 mm]
Product Weight 4.2 oz [120 g]
Product Width 1.2 in [31 mm]
Packaging Information
Shipping (Package) Weight 6.4 oz [180 g]
What's in the Box
Included in Package 1 - Presentation Remote
2 - AAA Batteries
1 - Carrying Case
1 - User Manual


Presentation Remote - Wireless Presenter - 90 ft. (27 m)

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4.9 (7 reviews)
4.9 out of 5 stars
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(5 stars) Clever design, works great!

Right out of the box, this remote is well designed, the buttons are simple and intuitive, and fits great in your hand. I was looking for an on/off switch, then realized that pulling the USB fob out of the unit actually turns it on, so there is one less thing to forget about, no more drained batteries! One comment might be that there is nothing on the fob to indicate its orientation when you put it back in, but since it only fully goes back in one way, but it is simple enough to figure out. It comes with a nice carry case with magnetic closure which is great for traveling. I tried it with all of the features, including volume and escape, the unit feels solid and all the buttons have a very positive feedback, and it’s easy to memorize them while presenting with the raised bumps. I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review
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(5 stars) Best Presentation Remote

I have tested this presentation remote with a few different computers and for different purposes. The remote has been great so far and everyone who uses it loves it. The remote comes in a box the size of a small pencil case. The remote comes with batteries and a stiff "leather" carrying case. The case snugly wraps around the remote and is held closed with a magnet. The remote is top quality with a soft plastic where you rest your fingers on the front and back. The buttons are very distinct to be able to tell them apart without looking (as long as you remember which is which). The top of the remote has a clear plastic "fingernail" section that has a warning laser emblem and a small LED which lights when a button is pressed. The USB adaptor hides in the bottom of the remote so that its hard to loose one without the other. The remote itself remains powered off and the buttons do nothing while the USB adaptor is stowed in the remote which helps with saving power. When connected to a computer most functions start working immediately and without any installation. There are buttons for escape, switch app (alt + tab), Page-up/down, tab & enter on the PC. They all work well and as expected. The laser pointer button in the middle moves around like a trackpad but I couldn't get it to do anything except light the laser when pressed. When the dongle has been connected to a PC, it will install a microphone. I am not sure about the mic as it is not advertised as a feature of this remote and I couldn’t get it to work in any way. This remote is very premium feeling with soft plastics. It works really fast and consistently. By far the best presentation remote I have used. I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.
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(4 stars) Works Well

As a presentation remote it did its job well. I did however, miss the ability to control the mouse. The laser pointer works very well and the travel case is very nice.
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(5 stars) Great Presentation Remote

This is a small but comfortable presentation remote. It basically becomes a mouse of sorts. It works with all software (Windows and Mac). It is self- contained; the usb adapter fits into the bottom of the remote and it includes a very nice case to carry this remote in. The range is great as well (allowing you to stand at the back of a room or hall (90 ft)) and give your presentation. The laser pointer works well within that distance but like any laser pointer, please use caution (don't point at airplanes or folks eyes) so this device should not be used without parental or adult supervision or soley used by adults only. It is well work the price and it is cheaper than most remotes out there. It will definitely help you make the most of your presentation. Definitely recommended if you are looking for something small, light and just works with no software issues at all. It is backed by StarTech excellent warranty of 2 years. Another great product from StarTech. This has been added to my essential bag that I carry in my laptop case. Note:I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.
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(5 stars) Wireless Presentation Remote

Great product that is comfortable to hold and use. I liked all of the presentation features that are available on this remote. This product seems to offer more options than any other device I have seen on the market and I really liked how they hide the USB wireless dongle within the remote to make sure I don't lose it.
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(5 stars) An Excellent Wireless Presentation Remote

I have been in the AV/IT Integration space for over 30 years. I found this unit easy to setup and use on my Microsoft, Android and Apple devices. I like the way all the buttons are disabled until the USB dongle is removed for use. I would prefer that the laser have been green for use on flat panel displays as red does not show on those units. The unit installs quickly with no additional drivers or software required, and is compatible with a variety of operating systems, which I tested. Additional features included are screen blanking and volume up and down which are both a large plus on a unit. Also the long range of 90' is incredibly powerful when presenting in large lecture halls and conference centers. What is Included: 1 - Presentation Remote 2 - AAA Batteries 1 - Carrying Case 1 - Quick Start Guide Note: “I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.”
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(5 stars) Easy to setup and fun to use!

This part was so easy to set up and the batteries are included. Just plug in the USB keep to your laptop and it’s ready to use. Very happy with my purchase!
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