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Diagnostic and repair tools designed specifically for computer repairs or tuning mission-critical video installations.

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Professional RJ45 Network Cable Tester with 4 Remote Loopback Plugs

Test several cable runs simultaneously

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In stock: CA: 3 | US: 59

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Professional Multi Function RJ45 RJ11 USB and BNC Cable Tester

All-in-one tester, designed for testing RJ45, RJ11, USB and BNC cables

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In stock: CA: 2 | US: 4

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RJ45 RJ11 Crimp Tool with Cable Stripper

Crimp on both RJ11 and RJ45 cable connectors from a single tool (with wire stripper)

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In stock: CA: 29 | US: 37

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1-1/4in Dia. Self-Adhesive Rubber Feet for PC Cases - 4 Pack

Prevent slipping and improve air flow around a computer case with non-slip rubber feet

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In stock: CA: 174 | US: 582

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Neoprene Case

Store your small electronic devices in this carrying case

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In stock: CA: 3646 | US: 0

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24x27.5in Beige Desktop Anti-Static Mat

Add a large 24" x 27.5" anti-static mat to your desktop or work station

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In stock: CA: 73 | US: 0

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ESD Anti Static Wrist Strap Band with Grounding Wire

Prevents dangerous electrostatic buildup while working on electronics

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CR2032 Lithium Thick Coin Cell Battery 5 Pack

Replaces the CMOS battery on a computer motherboard

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In stock: CA: 807 | US: 222

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Mounting PC Case Fan Screws - 50 Pack

Securely mount case fans in a chassis with the proper screws

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In stock: CA: 275 | US: 544

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Deluxe Assortment PC Screw Kit - Screw Nuts and Standoffs

Install computer hardware with an assortment of screws, nuts and standoffs

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In stock: CA: 14 | US: 5

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