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StarTech University offers computer enthusiasts and IT professionals a chance to learn more about new technologies and innovations in the IT world. Take some time to review the material, then pass the exam to earn your printable certificate for each course.

Course 8: Digital Signage

Chapter 3: Where is digital signage found?

Digital signage can be used in any environment where printed signage would have otherwise been used.

Some examples of where digital signage is used include:

Retail environments — Retail digital signage in environments such as shopping malls and convenience stores is a very effective and manageable method of communicating special in-store pricing, or advertising the location of specific items.

Airports/Transit Stations — Digital signage makes it easy to update travelers on arrival and departure times as well as important notifications. It’s also a great way to advertise local businesses

Banks — Using digital signage to provide audiences with updated information such as current interest rates and service offerings is a very effective way to convey messages to patrons of banks and other financial institutions.

Doctors' offices — Digital signage allows medical professionals to educate patients (typically in a waiting room) about health issues or provide general information. Digital signage can also be used to present information in a more entertaining manner than would be possible with printed signage, which helps make the time pass quicker when waiting for an appointment.

Entertainment venues — Movie theaters, arenas and other large-scale public spaces benefit from being able to display show times or upcoming performances, as well as being able to advertise services, such as concessions and related offerings, within the building.

Educational facilities — Digital signage offers a convenient and cost-effective way to disseminate information in virtually any educational setting. In universities and colleges, for example, digital signage can be used to distribute content such as class times, announcements and general information.

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