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Go Universal and Unleash Your Laptop's Full Potential

From best-in-class to on-the-go performance, offers the most comprehensive selection of laptop docking stations. And they're universal, so you can use them with almost any make or model of laptop and many tablets.


Reduce connectivity constraints with docking stations. These docks feature essential ports that are limited on most modern laptop, MacBook, and Ultrabook™ models. Upgrade your laptop to enable 4K video, USB fast-charge, and Gigabit Ethernet, even if it doesn’t natively offer these capabilities.


With just a single host-connection cable, our docking stations offer a sleek solution for creating well-organized workstations. You can leave devices connected to the dock while bouncing between meetings, and avoid the frustration of constantly disconnecting and reconnecting your devices.


Early adopters rejoice! With universal compatibility you can use the same dock with your new laptop, even if you like to be on the cutting edge of technology and replace your devices often. On a larger scale, docks are perfect for large-scale deployments such as in an office, where employees commonly choose their own Windows and Apple devices and compatibility is key.


Meet the Families

Discover which docking station family is right for your situation.

Perfect for the High-Powered User

Our Specialty docking stations cater to specialized needs with cutting-edge technology and high quality hardware. They offer unique features such as support for two laptops and triple-video output. These docks leverage the latest technologies to meet evolving application demands for creative, engineers, IT, and other professionals who demand the best.

If you have specialized, high-performance needs - these are the docks that get it done.

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Flexibility is the Name of the Game Professional docks are fully featured and perfectly suited for turning your laptop into a full-size, modern workstation in the office or at home. Various orientations, designs, port configurations, and video outputs mean that these docks are flexible enough for the modern workforce, who prefer to choose their own devices and customize their workspaces.

If you need a highly-productive workforce, these docks will get it done.

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Control Costs without Compromising Connectivity

Compact, cost-effective, and perfect for hot desks, our Essential docks feature a small footprint and all the vital ports that you need to get things done. They're ideal for workspaces that are used by different employees or guests throughout the day.

Need to create space-saving workstations while controlling costs? Essential docks will get it done.

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Get More Done On-the-Go Travel docks offer a unique solution for professionals who are often on the road (or in the air). These docks are built for convenience and tuck nicely into your travel bag. A collapsible host cable, a lightweight design, and versatility in audio and video outputs make these an excellent option for anyone who travels regularly.

If you're a road warrior who needs connectivity and convenience, our travel docks will get it done.

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Port Authority laptop docking stations feature fundamental ports that are often missing or limited on most modern laptops

Docking Station

Shown above: 4K Docking Stations for Laptops - DP and HDMI (USB3DOCKHDPC)

Our Docking Stations help overcome these connection limitations by offering vital interfaces that help users increase productivity, reduce costs, and minimize hassle or inconvenience.

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