Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter - Active mDP 1.4 to HDMI 2.0 Video Converter - 4K 60Hz - Mini DP or Thunderbolt 1/2 Mac/PC to HDMI Monitor/TV/Display - mDP to HDMI Dongle

Connect your mDP computer to an HDMI display using this converter, which supports UHD resolutions up to 4K at 60Hz

Product ID: MDP2HD4K60S

4.5 stars (6 reviews) |
  • PRODUCT PERFORMANCE: Mini DisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 2.0 adapter supports UHD 4K 60Hz (4096x2160 or 3840x2160), 18Gbps bandwidth, 7.1ch Audio, HDCP 2.2 & DPCP | 5.8in (15cm) attached cable | Backward compatible with 1080p
  • HOST COMPATIBILITY: Active Mini DP to HDMI adapter supports mDP/mDP++ source including Thunderbolt 1 & 2 MacBooks, MacBook Air & Mac Mini, Microsoft Surface Pro 1-6, desktops (AMD FirePro/NVidia Quadro), laptops, mini itx computers, Intel NUC & docks
  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: Mini DisplayPort to HDMI display adapter connects an HDMI monitor, TV or projector, or add a second display to your workstation; Compact, small form factor design makes it easy to carry between home office and office
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Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter - Active mDP to HDMI Video Converter - 4K 30Hz - Mini DP or Thunderbolt 1/2 Mac/PC to HDMI Monitor/TV/Display - mDP 1.2 to HDMI Adapter Dongle
Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter 4K 30Hz
Connect an HDMI® Display to a Mini DisplayPort® video source

This Mini DisplayPort to HDMI® adapter lets you output HDMI video and audio from an mDP device, with support for Ultra HD 4K at 60Hz. The Mini DisplayPort adapter is the perfect accessory for any of your Microsoft® Surface™ Pro devices with mDP.

Astonishing picture quality with support for  Ultra HD 4K at 60 Hz

The adapter lets you harness the video capabilities that are built into your Mini DisplayPort connection, to deliver the astonishing quality of UHD to your 4K 60Hz display. This makes it easier for you to multitask while using multiple monitors to work on resource-demanding applications.

Unlike many 4K Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters that only support a 30Hz refresh rate, this adapter works with HDMI 2.0 displays that can deliver output resolutions of up to 3840 x 2160p at 60Hz. Support for HDMI 2.0 means this adapter can support bandwidth up to 18Gbps, making it an ideal solution for performing high-resolution tasks such as editing 4K video.

The adapter is backward compatible with 1080p displays, which ensures compatibility with lower resolution displays such as TVs or projectors around your home or office.

Ultimate portability with a compact, lightweight design

The compact video adapter is highly portable and lightweight. It’s the perfect accessory for your portable mDP devices, fitting easily into your laptop bag or carrying case.

The portable adapter is the perfect accessory for deployment with company computers, enabling your employees to interface with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) HDMI applications around the office, such as working at a hot-desk with an HDMI display or sharing your laptop’s screen on a boardroom projector.

Hassle-free setup with an active adapter that features plug-and-play installation

To ensure compatibility with any Mini DisplayPort output, the mDP adapter offers active conversion. Active video conversion is required to maintain 4K resolutions when converting Mini DisplayPort to HDMI. An active mDP adapter is also ideal for outputting 1080p resolutions by ensuring compatibility with graphics cards that are not capable of outputting multi-mode DP++ signals, such as ATI Eyefinity™ cards.

For a hassle-free setup, the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter allows for plug-and-play installation without any additional software or drivers.

Note: To achieve 4K resolution at 60 Hz a DisplayPort 1.2 output and an HDMI 2.0 display are required.

The MDP2HD4K60S is backed by a 3-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.


  • Connect your 4K 60Hz HDMI display to a Mini DisplayPort output port
  • Deploy this adapter with company laptops to ensure your employees can interface with BYOD displays around the office
  • Hassle-free setup with an active Mini DisplayPort conversion

Partner Numbers

  • Ingram Micro Canada 8794CY
  • Tech Data Canada 8527XI
  • SYNNEX Canada 5724279
  • ASI Distribution Canada 190000
  • D&H Canada MDP2HD4K60SCA
  • UPC 065030865838


Warranty Information Warranty 3 Years
Connector(s) 1 - Connector A Mini-DisplayPort (20 pin)
1 - Connector B HDMI (19 pin)
Environmental Operating Temperature 5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F)
Storage Temperature -25°C to 70°C (13°F to 149°F)
Humidity -25°C to 85°C (77°F to 185°F) at 80% - 95%
Hardware Active or Passive Adapter Active
AV Input Mini DisplayPort - 1.4
Ports 1
AV Output HDMI - 2.0
Audio Yes
Industry Standards DPCP (DisplayPort Content Protection)
HDCP 2.2 (High Definition Content Protection)
DisplayPort 1.2
HDMI 2.0
Chipset ID Parade - PS176
Packaging Information Package Height 0.4 in [10 mm]
Package Length 8.7 in [22 cm]
Shipping (Package) Weight 0.7 oz [20 g]
Package Width 7.9 in [20 cm]
Performance Audio Specifications HDMI - 7.1 Channel Audio
Maximum Cable Distance To Display 23.0 ft [7 m]
Maximum Digital Resolutions 4K x 2K @ 60 Hz
Supported Resolutions 4k x 2K (Ultra HD) @ 60 Hz
1920x1080 (1080p)
1280x720 (720p)
Wide Screen Supported Yes
Physical Characteristics Weight of Product 0.4 oz [11 g]
Color Black
Cable Length 5.8 in [148 mm]
Product Length 6.0 in [15.2 cm]
Product Width 0.9 in [22 mm]
Product Height 0.4 in [1 cm]
Special Notes / Requirements Note This video adapter is not compatible with cables that use RedMere™ technology.
What's in the Box 1 - Included in Package Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter


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Frequently Asked Questions


This device is plug and play. It does not use any drivers, and does not require any setup tasks other than plugging in the source (for example, a computer) and the destination (for example, a monitor).


Check that the device is not being used in reverse.

The display does not support the resolution set within Display Settings. Adjust the resolution to be the exact resolution and refresh rate recommended by the display manufacturer.

When you troubleshoot issues with a video adapter, there are some quick tests that you can complete to rule out potential problems. You can test to make sure that the following components are working correctly and are not the source of the issue:

  • Video cables

  • Video adapter

  • Video source (such as a DVD player or computer)

  • Video destination (such as a monitor or projector)

To test your setup components, try the following:

  • Use the cable, video adapter, video source, and video destination in another setup to see if the problem is with the components or the setup.

  • Use a different cable, video adapter, video source, and video destination in your setup to see if the problem persists. Ideally, you should test a component that you know works in another setup.

When you test your cables, it is recommended that you do the following:

  • Test each cable individually.

  • Use short cables when you are testing.

When you test the video source and video destination, it is recommended that you do the following:

  • Remove the video adapter from your setup and test to make sure that the video source and video destination work together without the video adapter.

  • Test to make sure that the video source and video destination work together at the resolution that you want to use.

Note: In order for your setup to work properly, the video source, adapter, and destination all need to support the resolution that you are using.

How To

To arrange extended displays on Windows 10, complete the following. 

  1. Press the Windows key+R, type desk.cpl, and press Enter. 
  2. Under the ‘Multiple Displays’ selection, select ‘Extend Desktop To This Display.’  
  3. Press ‘Identify’ to determine what number each display is assigned to. 
  4. Drag and drop each display accordingly to the physical layout on your desk.  
  5. Click the Apply button. 

To arrange extended displays on macOS, complete the following. 

  1. Navigate to the Apple Menu > System Preferences, click Displays, then click Arrangement
  2. Make sure that the ‘Mirror Displays’ checkbox is not selected. 
  3. Click on each display to determine what number each display is assigned to. 
  4. Drag and drop each display accordingly to the physical layout on your desk.  

Before You Buy

Unfortunately no, this device has an intended source and an intended destination.  Refer to the title of the webpage for this order.

If you need to use a video extender with a video adapter or converter, you should position the adapter or converter as close to the video source as possible. For example, if you need to take a VGA signal from a computer and send it 200 feet to an HDMI® projector, you should convert the signal from VGA to HDMI and use an HDMI extender.

Note: For more information on when to use cables or extenders, see the following FAQ:

HDMI 2.0 offers some new features that were not available with the HDMI 1.4 standard, including the following:

  • 4K resolution (4096x2160) at 60 Hz
  • 21:9 aspect ratio support
  • Four audio streams
  • High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) version 2.2

Although HDMI 2.0 is backwards compatible with older HDMI standards, newer HDMI devices need to support HDCP 2.2 in order to display new content. If you use an HDMI device that only supports HDCP 2.0, an error will be displayed when you try to display content that has HDCP 2.2.

Common Issues

Using the On-Screen Display menu for the display, enter the Menu system and go into “Picture Mode” then “Aspect ratio” and change from “16:9” to “Just scan” or “1:1 pixel mapping.”  The wording may vary depending on the manufacturer of the display.

Compliance and safety

Compliance letters

Safety Measures

  • If product has an exposed circuit board, do not touch the product under power.
  • If Class 1 Laser Product. Laser radiation is present when the system is open.
  • Wiring terminations should not be made with the product and/or electric lines under power.
  • Product installation and/or mounting should be completed by a certified professional as per the local safety and building code guidelines.
  • Cables (including power and charging cables) should be placed and routed to avoid creating electric, tripping or safety hazards.
*Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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(2 Stars)

Not working anymore on 60hz

By: Gameca - 11-15-2017
When I bought this adapter was working with my Samsung KS7000 tv at 60hz on MacBook Pro 2015, but stop to give me 60hz and just gives 30hz, on samsung tv i need to activate the uhd color for this, was thinking my tv got a update issue upgrade on firmware but 2 months later I try with a friend official cable 4khd60hz and my surprise its that works with my tv, idk what happen then, why stop to works? have almost 1 year with the adapter testing, even i format my computer and got same results.
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(5 Stars)

Quality Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter

By: JimR8753 - 01-21-2018
I have been in the AV/IT Integration space for over 30 years. I found this unit to be of quality and easy to use on my HP and Dell Microsoft computers. The displays tested upon were Dell, Sharp and Samsung. This unit performed as advertised during each test with no tearing or pixalization. The unit installs quickly with no additional drivers or software required. What is Included: 1 - Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter - 4K at 60Hz Note: “I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.”
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(5 Stars)

Great Adaptor Quick and Simple

By: NickD_CA37 - 02-11-2018
I have tested this Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter using several notebooks and projectors. The adapter always connects quickly and works every time. The adaptor comes in a zip lock bag that most StarTech cables come in. The adaptor is about as long as a pen, made with a shiny black plastic HDMI end and soft plastic cable. This is a very premium feeling product. When the adapter is connected to my computer it starts working immediately. No installation was needed as it started working when connected for the first time within seconds. This adaptor now has a permanent home with my laptop and I use it every time I connect to a projector. I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.
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(5 Stars)
By: nivek - 02-20-2018
I have been using this for a month to display my laptop on an external HDMI monitor. Works great. Monitor pops on as soon as i plug it in.
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(5 Stars)

Quality gizmo to have around!

By: djluis67 - 02-27-2018
I got this product to test and it was very easy to install with no need to turn off my XPS13. It connected right way and I tested on all 3 input without a problem. This adapter now travels with my laptop everywhere I got to do a presentation. Note: “I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.”
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(5 Stars)

Reliable and Performant on 24/7 long-term install

By: VincentL - 08-16-2018
I have been using these adapters for about a year now on professional A/V productions (Museums, Corporate Lobbies, etc.). I never got even one bad unit yet (ordered over 100). Our video and real-time rendered content requires True 4K/[email protected] and these adapters really deliver what they advertise.
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