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How do I set a virtual local area network (VLAN) tag with my network card in Windows?

Virtual local area network (VLAN) tagging requires that the network interface card (NIC) and the router or switch that you use support protocol IEEE 802.1q.

Depending on the NIC, you can set your VLAN ID in Device Manager.  Not all NICs that support VLAN tagging have this option.

Setting your VLAN ID in Device Manager

Note: Log in as the local administrator before continuing.

To open Device Manager:

  • Press Windows key + R
  • Type devmgmt.msc
  • Click OK.
  1. In Device Manager, open Network adapters.
  2. Right-click on the NIC and choose Properties.
  3. Click the Advanced tab.
  4. Scroll down to VLAN ID.
  5. Set the ID that you would like the NIC to have and click OK.

Setting up your VLAN Tagging and Setting a VLAN ID

How you perform this task depends on your router or switch.  Consult the manual or manufacturer of your router or switch for more details.

In your router or switch, you can VLAN tag a device by the VLAN ID if you set one previously, or by the MAC address of the computer.  Your router or switch will list all IP devices by MAC address.

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