System Build & Computer Repair Tools

To help keep your computer systems running at peak levels, or build a computer system to ideal specifications, we offer a wide range of tools that can save you time and eliminate hassle.

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7 Piece Precision Screwdriver Computer Tool Kit

Provides 7 precision screwdrivers for almost any computer maintenance/repair need

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¥2,333 JPY excl.
¥2,566 JPY incl.

11 Piece PC Computer Tool Kit with Carrying Case

Provides the necessary tools to service and repair PC computers

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¥2,556 JPY excl.
¥2,812 JPY incl.

Cell Phone Repair Kit for Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops

This cell phone repair kit provides all the necessary tools for precision repairs on laptops, smartphones and tablets

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¥3,526 JPY excl.
¥3,879 JPY incl.

Magnetic Project Mat - 9.5” x 10.5” (24 cm x 27 cm)

Magnetic Tool Pad & Dry Erase Sheet | With Marker

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¥3,445 JPY excl.
¥3,790 JPY incl.
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