Sit Stand Desk Converter with Keyboard Tray - Large 35” x 21" Surface - Height Adjustable Ergonomic Desktop/Tabletop Standing Workstation - Holds 2 Monitors - Pre-Assembled

Work in comfort and enhance productivity, by turning your desk into a spacious sit-stand workspace


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  • SIT STAND DESK CONVERTER: Equipped w/ a lever-controlled pneumatic spring and smooth adjustable height that can be locked at any position between 6.3" and 22" (160mm & 560mm) from the desk's surface
  • NO ASSEMBLY: Convert desktop/tabletop into a sit-stand workstation w/large 35.4"x20.9" surface that has space for two 24" monitors on standard stands; Requires 35.4"x26" surface, holds 28lb (12.7kg)
  • STURDY KEYBOARD TRAY: The surface area of 26.8" x 10.4" and weight capacity of 5lb, can fit a full size keyboard and mouse; w/ the included tools it can be adjusted to the user’s ideal position
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¥51,241 JPY excl.
¥56,365 JPY incl.

This sit-stand desk converter, featuring a large work surface, lets you change your working position with ease, to enhance your comfort and productivity.

Go from sitting to standing, with one smooth motion

With a simple squeeze of a paddle, you can easily switch your position to sitting or standing, to keep a balanced level of movement. The workstation features a pneumatic spring arm that provides effortless movement - you simply raise or lower the platform with one squeeze of the lever. You can adjust the standing desk to match your exact height requirements, with a height adjustment range of 15.7" (399 mm).

A cost-effective ergonomic solution

Create an ergonomic work space at a fraction of the cost of a standing desk. Simply place the sit-stand desk converter on your existing work surface (minimum 26" depth), to enjoy the benefits of a height-adjustable standing desk.

Flexible setup

With a large 35" (wide) work surface, the sit-stand workstation gives you plenty of setup options, supporting two monitors (up to 24" each), or one monitor (up to 30"), with a generous weight capacity of 12.7 kg (28.1 lb.).

You can also use the grommet hole and provided hardware to mount a monitor arm to the workstation. It supports many monitor arms including ARMDUAL, ARMPIVOT and ARMSLIM.

The ARMSTSLG is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.


  • Create a sit-stand workstation with versatile applications in office settings, cubicle environments, corporate business and institutions, or the home office
  • Provides a cost-effective solution for enhancing ergonomics by utilizing existing desks and work surfaces
  • Mount a monitor arm to the workstation, using the grommet hole and provided hardware

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  • SYNNEX Japan ZU201MW
  • UPC 065030878401


Warranty Information Warranty 2 Years
Hardware Cable Management Yes
Mounting Options Grommet Hole Mount
Packaging Information Shipping (Package) Weight 22.1 kg [48.8 lb]
Package Length 1.0 m [3.3 ft]
Package Width 80.5 cm [31.7 in]
Package Height 21.0 cm [8.3 in]
Performance General Specifications Height Adjustment Range of Sit-Stand Workstation: 15.7 in [399 mm]
Weight Capacity of Work Surface 12.7 kg [28.1 lb]
Weight Capacity of Keyboard Tray 2.3 kg [5.1 lb]
Height Adjustment Yes
Maximum Height 560 mm [22.0 in]
Physical Characteristics Color Black
Keyboard Tray Width 680 mm [26.8 in]
Keyboard Tray Depth 265 mm [10.4 in]
Product Length 66.6 cm [26.2 in]
Product Width 90.0 cm [35.4 in]
Product Height 16.0 cm [6.3 in]
Weight of Product 18.1 kg [39.9 lb]
Special Notes / Requirements Note The keyboard tray (26.8” x 10.4”) has a weight capacity of 5 lb. (2.3 kg).
What's in the Box 1 - Included in Package sit-stand workstation
small hex key
large hex key
clamp plate
M10 x 50 mm bolt
³/₈ - 16 x 50 mm bolt
instruction manual



Desk-Mount Dual Monitor Arm - Articulating

Monitor Mount | Desk/Grommet Mount | Height Adjustable | For 12” to 24” Monitors

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¥26,585 JPY incl.

Single Desk-Mount Monitor Arm - Full Motion Articulating - Steel

VESA Monitor Mount | Desk/Grommet Mount | Slim Profile | For up to 34" Monitors

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¥19,716 JPY excl.
¥21,688 JPY incl.
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¥10,992 JPY excl.
¥12,091 JPY incl.

Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Mat for Standing Desks

Increase your comfort and prevent fatigue while standing at your desk, with this ergonomically designed floor mat

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¥14,590 JPY excl.
¥16,049 JPY incl.

Adjustable Under-Desk Foot Rest

Create a more comfortable, ergonomic workspace

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¥6,437 JPY excl.
¥7,081 JPY incl.


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(5 Stars)

Sit-Stand Desk

By: Starr - 06/29/2018
Want to get healthy? Stand instead of sitting at your desk. I love this product. It comes out of the box with no assembly required. It is very sturdy, looks professional and the one lever action to change it from a sit to a stand option is simple to use. The only thing I would warn you about is that there is a 28lb table top weight limit on this device so since I use dual monitors I had to order the StarTech ARMDual monitor stand to reduce my weight load within limits so that it would work correctly
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(4 Stars)

Nice option for those who want to stand

By: macphoto1970_03 - 07/08/2018
I really like the idea of this product. Take your existing desk and add this to the top and voila instant sit stand......well as long as your desktop is large enough and no obstructions around. My particular use for this was not too successful on the first desk i tried this on. It was not a fault of the product but the desk had a curved top so it was not 100% sitting on the desk. Not such a great idea so i tried my other desk an it worked perfectly. The unit requires no assembly and the unit has enough weight that it is not moving easily on the desktop surface. The unit allow for fairly easy movement to raise and lower and I had no issues getting this to a proper height for myself. The unit feels solid in construction and I do not see any real flaws with it. Overall i would say this is a nice unit. I would recommend this if you have a desk that you can just set this on and go. Overall a very good product and with a single monitor it works without issue. I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.
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(5 Stars)

Sturdy Product!!!

By: nivek - 07/16/2018
This sit and stand desk comes out of the box ready to use. It only has one lever that allows a smooth up and down motion. It makes it easy to adjust to the perfect height.
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(5 Stars)

Lots of Space, Strong and Easy to Use

By: NickD_CA51 - 07/18/2018
I have used this sit-stand desk for many weeks and have not had any problems with it. The sit-stand desk came in a very large and heavy box. The delivery driver had a hard time bringing it to my front door. The box could have easily fit an unassembled coffee table or chair in it. There was nothing to assemble, just open up the box and put it on the desk. The sit-stand desk moves very easily with two hands both up and down. It has a lot of weight to it so it doesn't come off the desk when you lift it all the way up. You can position the height of the desk at any interval and releasing the handle locks it into position. Whatever height I set the lift to, I can lean my body weight on it and it will not budge. The rubber feet keep it from moving around the top of the desk while I lean on it. There is a grommet on the top to pass cables through but there is no cable management so everything just dangles from the bottom of the desk instead of over the back. (The only difference between the ARMSTSL and ARMSTSLG, is that the "G" must be for the grommet.) The sit-stand desk comes with a torque wrench to adjust the pressure needed to move it up and down. I found that I did not need to adjust the tension after I put my monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse on it. Without any weight on the sit-stand desk I had to lean on it a bit while holding the handle to move it down (no issues once things were on it). The keyboard tray can be adjusted about 1.5" outward, which was helpful as the top of the keyboard is not visible when the tray is back all the way. My only complaint with the sit-stand desk is the keyboard tray could be more adjustable. You can only have it in two positions (in or out) by moving 12 screws. And why does it have 12 screws when only 2 or 4 could have been used as it sits on a ledge? This sit-stand desk left is awesome, well built and very solid. It could have a more flexible keyboard tray, but this doesn't matter because it is so well built. I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.
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(5 Stars)

Excellent Sit-Stand Desk Converter

By: hubj2576 - 07/30/2018
I have been in the AV/IT Integration space for over 30 years. I found this unit easy to setup and use. The pneumatic arm provides smooth and effortless movement. To raise or lower the platform, you need only one touch of the pneumatic lever. The large 35” wide work surface, provides an abundance of setup options, which can support up to two monitors. The unit installs quickly and is built with both durability and aesthetics in mind. What is Included: 1 - Sit-Stand Workstation 1 - Small Hex Key 1 - Large Hex Key 1 - Clamp Plate 1 - M10 x 50mm Bolt 1 - ³/₈ - 16 x 50mm Bolt 1 - Instruction Manual Note: “I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.”
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(5 Stars)

Sit, Stand, Zero install.

By: Andrew11 - 07/30/2018
This is the sit-stand solution I have been waiting for. No complicated setup or install, just a nice big work surface that I can put any height I want, anywhere I want! Like I mentioned, it arrives fully assembled in a very big box (I recommend 2 people to unpack it) so set-up takes virtually no time at all. Cable management is easy with a hole at the back of the work-surface, which can also be used to mount a pole for monitor stands. The motion of the assembly is smooth and even, and the entire assembly is SUPER stable. Even with 2 monitors (I used 22 inch) this Stand just took it in stride. My only concern with the entire unit was the length of the keyboard/mouse shelf; if you have a large ergonomic keyboard, there may not be room beside it for a full-sized mouse-pad. The only caveat here is that the keyboard shelf has extra mounting holes so that it can be removed and shifted forward to give you a little more room. Bottom line, if you want a sit-stand solution with zero installation for 2 monitors, this is what you need! I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review
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(5 Stars)


By: morty - 08/08/2018
This has an elegant, sturdy design and is big enough to fit multiple monitors and my laptop all on the surface. Once you get some gear setup it's incredibly easy to move and down manually and the locking mechanism locks tight with no play in the system. The combination of the weight of the unit and the rubberized feet make it very sturdy and I have no fear of this moving on its own. The keyboard tray could be a little bigger but it does allow enough room for a keyboard and mouse together. It also has a convenient hole in the top for cable management which is important for a desk that is moving up and down. By far the best thing about this though was that there was zero assembly required. It ships as a fully assembled unit. I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.
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(5 Stars)

Solid and Smooth!

By: ShawnO_07 - 10/16/2018
This Sit-Stand Desk Converter come pre-assembled and feels very solid and secure. Even with several monitors and a laptop it feels very stable. Changing heights is easy and smooth and requires little effort thanks to the hydrolics. Fits most desk surfaces and the rubber feet keep it in perfectly in place. My kids even use it on the floor without a desk when they use their laptops or draw while watching TV. I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.
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