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Diagnostic and repair tools designed specifically for computer repairs or tuning mission-critical video installations.

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Professional RJ45 Network Installer Tool Kit with Carrying Case

Provides all the necessary tools to install and test RJ45 networks in a compact, handy, carrying case

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In stock: US: 73 | CA: 8

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Professional RJ45 Network Cable Tester with 4 Remote Loopback Plugs

Test several cable runs simultaneously

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In stock: US: 41 | CA: 5

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Professional Multi Function RJ45 RJ11 USB and BNC Cable Tester

All-in-one tester, designed for testing RJ45, RJ11, USB and BNC cables

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In stock: US: 27 | CA: 4

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Punch Down Tool with 110 and 66 Blades

Terminate your own Keystone jacks and patch panels

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In stock: US: 82 | CA: 32

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Deluxe Assortment PC Screw Kit - Screw Nuts and Standoffs

Install computer hardware with an assortment of screws, nuts and standoffs

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In stock: US: 213 | CA: 67

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19 Piece Computer Tool Kit in a Carrying Case

Provides the necessary tools to service and repair computers and other electronics

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In stock: US: 204 | CA: 37

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RJ45 RJ11 Crimp Tool with Cable Stripper

Crimp on both RJ11 and RJ45 cable connectors from a single tool (with wire stripper)

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In stock: US: 139 | CA: 23

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24x27.5in Beige Desktop Anti-Static Mat

Add a large 24" x 27.5" anti-static mat to your desktop or work station

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Cell Phone Repair Kit for Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops

This cell phone repair kit provides all the necessary tools for precision repairs on laptops, smartphones and tablets

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In stock: US: 90 | CA: 24

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Magnetic Project Mat - 9.5” x 10.5” (24 cm x 27 cm)

Magnetic Tool Pad & Dry Erase Sheet | With Marker

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In stock: US: 1392 | CA: 66

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