Product FAQs

Before You Buy

Will my wireless / gaming / combo (one receiver for mouse and keyboard) keyboard and mouse work with this KVM switch?

Whether or not a wireless, gaming, or combo mouse and keyboard work with our KVM switches depends on several factors. We recommend that you use a standard wired mouse and keyboard with our KVM switches, especially when you troubleshoot issues.

Wireless Mice and Keyboards
Our KVM switches do work with a significant number of wireless mice and keyboards, but in general, most wireless mice and keyboards do not support working with KVM switches. We do not provide support information for wireless mice and keyboards because so many of them do not support working with KVM switches. If a wired mouse and keyboard work with your KVM switch but a wireless mouse and keyboard do not, this means that your wireless mouse / keyboard does not support working with KVM switches.

Gaming Mice and Keyboards
Gaming mice and keyboards have extra buttons and additional functionality. Gaming mice and keyboards should work with our KVM switches, but you may not be able to access all of the functions. For this reason, does not recommend that you use gaming mice or keyboards with KVM switches.

Combo Mice and Keyboards
Combination mice and keyboards have one USB receiver that is used for both the mouse and keyboard. If there is a + symbol next to the keyboard USB port on the KVM switch, then the switch supports combo mice and keyboards. You can look at pictures of our KVM switches at to see if a KVM switch has a + symbol.

If you cannot get a wireless, gaming, or combo mouse and keyboard to work, we recommend that you insert the mouse or keyboard into the USB hub ports on the KVM switch, provided the KVM switch has USB hub ports (the ports are marked on the back of the KVM switch). If the KVM switch has hotkey functionality, you will lose the functionality when you switch the keyboard out of the dedicated keyboard port.