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In order to enhance the customer experience, offers the ability to review products right on the product pages.

Where do I find the Product ID? Product Review Policy

Review Guidelines

What makes a good review? 

Your reviews are your own, however, to help make reviews as helpful as possible, we suggest: 

  • Commenting on the solution you are implementing
  • Commenting on product features and how they were used in your set-up
  • Sharing your thoughts on product quality (including build quality, packaging, and functionality)
  • Sharing photos and videos you may have taken of your installation

Moderation Guidelines

When will reviews be removed?

Although we strive to not remove any reviews, in some situations we will moderate submitted reviews. Reviews may be removed in the following situations 

  • Offensive or inappropriate language is present
  • Links to outside sites are included
  • Competitor names or products are mentioned
  • Personal information (names, addresses, phone numbers) are present
  • Review discusses non-product elements such as shipping, cost, customer service, product questions, etc
  • Reviews in which products have been modified or not used for their intended purpose
  • Reviews that lack context (for instance "great" or "bad")
  • Reviews that discuss technical issues that can be solved via user manuals, support documents or a technical advisor’s Reviews Program invites reviews by seeding product to trusted end-customers for review. These reviewers receive product for free in exchange for their honest and unbiased reviews. These reviews will have a disclaimer stating this at the end of their text and we ask these reviewers to adhere to the moderation guidelines posted above. 

If you have any feedback, questions or concerns about reviews on or our reviews program, please contact [email protected].

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