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How do I setup my network serial device in Windows?

Installation for the NETRS2321POE involves software installation, as well as the setup of a virtual serial port using the software.

To install the software, complete the following:

  1. Download the software from www.startech.com/NETRS2321POE#dnlds.
  2. Right-click the folder.
  3. Click Extract all.

Once the software is extracted, it will have to be run to first configure the device. To do this, complete the following:

  1. Connect the NETRS2321POE to your computer or network using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Connect it to a power source.
  3. Open the extracted folder from Step 3.
  4. Open the IP-Search-Utility folder.
  5. Right-click Etm.exe.
  6. Click Run as administrator.

The software should locate the NETRS2321POE. If it is required to change the IP address of the device, perform steps 6-9. If not, proceed to step 10.

  1. Click Config.
  2. Click IP Address.
  3. Enter the preferred IP address.
  4. Click OK.

Note: Ensure that the IP address given matches your network. If the device is connected directly to your PC, disconnect it and then connect it to your network. Ensure that you can still see the device by refreshing the Ethernet Manager.

  1. Click Config.
  2. Click Device Settings to edit the port settings.

Note: By default, there is no password required to log in.

  1. Click Login.
  2. Enter any required port settings, if necessary.

Note: The Socket port of serial I/O number is needed for mapping the COM port to the PC, so this should be noted.

  1. Click Update.

After the device is configured, a different piece of software will need to be run to create the virtual COM port. To do this, complete the following:

  1. Open the Virtual-Com folder from the extracted zip file.
  2. Open the appropriate folder for your operating system.
  3. Right-click VSerPortConsole.exe.
  4. Click Run as administrator.
  5. Right-click in the window.
  6. Click add port.

Note: The default values can be used, or the COM port can be changed if a specific one is needed.

  1. Right-click on the port.
  2. Click add net.
  3. Enter the IP address and socket port of the NETRS2321POE.
  4. Click OK.
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