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StarTech.com Logos & Brand Guidelines

The StarTech.com logo is a key element of our brand identity. Its consistent application enhances marketplace recognition. When using our logo, please be sure to comply with our logo guidelines (see below).

Additionally, third party affiliates should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • You may use the logo(s) only in the exact form provided.
  • The StarTech.com logo may not be re-created from type
  • Do not show the StarTech.com logo in any color other than approved StarTech.com yellow, grey and black
  • Do not use the StarTech.com logo in a way that implies that StarTech.com is a part of your firm or that you are part of StarTech.com
  • Do not list your company under the name StarTech.com or a StarTech.com product name unless your StarTech.com contact has authorized you to do so
  • The StarTech.com logo may not be used to visually imply that you exclusively sell all of StarTech.com’s products

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