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Anti-Fatigue Mat for Standing Desks - Active Standing Desk Mat

Non-Flat Ergonomic Floor Mat | 26" x 29"| Cushioned 3D Topography| Textured Massage Bar


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  • Encourage movement when standing, with this ergonomic anti-fatigue mat with calculated topography
  • Premium 3D features include a textured massage bar, teardrop flex center and raised side panels
  • Flexible thick cushioning made of polyurethane foam to add comfort while standing
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The contoured anti fatigue mat inspires active movement

Our bodies were made to move. That’s why this anti-fatigue mat for standing desks and sit-stand workstations was ergonomically designed to inspire active standing. The non-flat standing desk mat combines cushioned comfort with a calculated topography to encourage varied movement and multiple stances, helping to reduce fatigue and enhance your comfort.

Move and Stretch While You Work

The contoured anti-fatigue mat is designed to encourage you to move freely while standing. Unlike a typical flat mat, this stand-up desk mat features a thick cushioned terrain with premium 3D features that make it easy to vary your movement while you work.

Change Your Position Often

Do calf stretches, core balancing or comforting foot massages using the 2.6" (66.8 mm) high textured massage bar. Stretch your ankles and legs or massage your arches with the teardrop flex center. Vary your stance using the raised side panels. The standing desk mat makes it easy to stay active while working.

Re-position the Mat with Ease

Slide the mat out from under your desk, or re-position it with one foot, using the heel grip.

Large Surface for Versatile Use

The large anti-fatigue floor mat gives you ample space for movement and fits a wide range of foot sizes.

Durable Performance

Made of polyurethane foam, the stand-up desk mat provides thick cushioning for maximum comfort and durability. The mat surface is easy to clean.
STSMATC is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support. 

Please note:
Since this mat is not flat, it may present the risk of tripping or injury. It is intended for use with low or flat-heeled shoes, and not for use with high heels.


  • Work in comfort at your standing desk or sit-stand workstation
  • Ideal during periods of standing at your desk or counter, in the office or home office

Partner Numbers

  • Ingram Micro Canada 754DDX
  • Tech Data Canada 1P8533
  • ASI Distribution Canada 230233
  • D&H Canada STSMATCCA
  • UPC 065030878678


Warranty Information Warranty 2 Years
Packaging Information Package Height 3.3 in [85.0 mm]
Package Length 29.7 in [75.5 cm]
Shipping (Package) Weight 9.3 lb [4.2 kg]
Package Width 27.0 in [68.5 cm]
Performance General Specifications Contoured 3D Topography: Textured Massage Bar, Teardrop Flex Center, and Raised Side Panels.
Physical Characteristics Product Height 2.8 in [70.0 mm]
Product Length 25.8 in [65.5 cm]
Weight of Product 7.5 lb [3.4 kg]
Product Width 28.7 in [73.0 cm]
Color Black
What's in the Box 1 - Included in Package Anti-Fatigue Mat
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