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How can I tell if my video card will work with this MST hub?

Note: For information about Microsoft Surface tablets and MST, refer to the following FAQ:

Recent versions of DisplayPort include the ability to split to multiple displays from one DisplayPort connection using Multi-Stream Transport (MST).

Although you can connect the MST hub to any DisplayPort (DP) or Mini DisplayPort (mDP) connection, the graphics card in the computer must support MST to use a MST hub.

MST was added for DisplayPort 1.2 and includes support for High Bit Rate 2 (HBR2), which is required to operate MST. However, some manufacturers may not have implemented full support for MST.

If you are unsure if your computer supports MST, try the following:

  • Research the technical specifications of the DisplayPort sources for MST.

  • If no information is available for your product, contact the manufacturer for assistance.

  • Use USB video adapters found on as an alternative method to obtain multiple displays.

On a system with MST compatibility, multiple monitors are detected when they are connected to the hub. Multiple monitors can be used in the following configurations:

  • Extended: for separate, independent desktops/displays.

  • Spanned: a large, wide resolution that spans or spreads across multiple displays.

  • Duplicated: mirrored images on each display.

When a graphics card does not support MST, the hub will duplicate (mirror) the display across all three of the connections. Only one monitor will show in the displays configuration of your system.

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