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How do I connect to my print server via wireless in Windows 8.1? (Ad-Hoc)

To use a wireless connection to connect to the PM1115UW print server in Windows 8.1, you need to manually create and connect to an ad-hoc network. The ad-hoc network that the print server broadcasts appears on other network devices, but is not included in the network listing on Windows 8.1.

In order to connect to the print server, do the following:

  1. In the notification area in the lower-right of the screen, right-click the network icon.

  2. Click Set up a new connection or network.

  3. Double-click Manually connect to a wireless network.

  4. In the network information dialog box, do the following:

    • In the Network name field, enter the Service Set ID (SSID) of the print server (by default, PM1115UW).

    • Change Security type to No authentication (Open).

    • Clear the Start this connection automatically check box.

    • Click Next.

  5. Press the Windows key + R, type cmd and click Ok.

  6. In the Command Prompt dialog box, type netsh wlan set profileparameter PM1115UW connectiontype=ibss.

  7. In the Command Prompt dialog box, type nethsh wlan connect PM1115UW.

Note: For steps 6 and 7, if the SSID for your print server is not PM1115UW, replace PM1115UW in the commands above with the name of the SSID.

You should now be connected to the print server and you can configure it as necessary.

To disconnect from the print server, do any of the following:

  • Connect to a different wireless network.

  • Change the wireless network configuration on the print server.

  • Turn off the Wi-Fi on your computer.

  • In the Command Prompt dialog box, type netsh wlan disconnect.

To remove the network from your system, in the Command Prompt dialog box, type netsh wlan delete profile PM1115UW.

Note: If the SSID for your print server is not PM1115UW, replace PM1115UW in the command above with the name of the SSID.

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