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What do I need to know about connecting to my wireless print server to configure it?

By default, the PM1115UW broadcasts a wireless network SSID in Ad-Hoc mode. When the print server is configured to broadcast an SSID (wireless network ID), the print server can only be used by one wireless network adapter. Unless the wireless network adapter is bridged into a network infrastructure, the amount of computer connections to the print server is limited to one.

For most applications, the wireless network print server will need to be integrated into an existing network infrastructure. This allows different computers on your network to access your print server. For more information about how to set up bridging into another network infrastructure, visit

Note: If you cannot connect to the wireless network in Windows 8/8.1, visit

The default static address of the PM1115UW is To make any configuration changes, your computer needs to be on the 192.168.0.XXX network. For more information on how to change your IP address, refer to the following FAQ:

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