4x4 HDMI Matrix Switcher and HDMI over HDBaseT CAT5 Extender - 230ft (70m) - 1080p

Share and extend four HDMI video sources up to 230ft over Cat5, and switch between four remote displays

Product ID: ST424HDBT

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  • 4x4 Matrix Switching
  • 4 x 230ft HDMI extension over Cat5/6 Cabling
  • RS232/Ethernet Control
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This HDBaseT HDMI Matrix Switch and Cat5 extender is an all-in-one digital signage solution that enables you to extend four distinct HDMI audio/video sources up to 230ft (70m), to four remote displays using STHDBTRX receiver units (sold separately). Matrix switching allows each of the remote displays to output and switch between any of the video sources.

What is HDBaseT?

HDBaseT is a standardized, zero latency, video distribution technology that’s revolutionizing HDMI distribution. HDBaseT uses an advanced method of modulation that enables you to distribute uncompressed HDMI audio and video along with additional signals such as 100BaseT Ethernet, IR, RS-232 serial and power over cable.

Simplify your setup

The switch extends HDMI using standard Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable with RJ45 connectors, allowing you to use your existing cabling infrastructure, with no added cost in specialized cabling or connectors.  Plus, because the HDMI extender also allows for matrix switching in one easy-to-use and clutter-free device, it eliminates the expense and hassle of running multiple devices.

Extend more with HDBaseT

For complete end-to-end control the switch can extend Infrared using the IR extender and receiver cables included with the STHDBTRX receiver units (sold separately). For local operation, the HDMI switch also includes a remote control, and easy-to-use front panel buttons that allow you to toggle between video sources.

High-Definition picture quality from an impressive distance

Ideal for High-Definition applications, the matrix switch supports 1920x1200/1080p video resolutions and digital audio. Plus, built-in EDID monitor emulation ensures native resolution and maximum compatibility with your display or projector, for a convenient plug-and-play installation.

The ST424HDBT is backed by a StarTech.com 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.


  • Connect 4 different HDMI sources to 4 different displays, in different locations around a large building such as a shopping center, school, or hospital
  • Place the displays in a convenient viewing area, while the HDMI source equipment is placed elsewhere in a separate, secured environment
  • Remotely switch your display from video source to another

The StarTech.com Advantage

  • Cost-saving installation, with non-proprietary Cat5e/Cat6 cabling
  • Eliminate clutter and reduce failure points using an all-in-one HDMI switch, splitter, and extender, with mounting brackets included
  • Hassle-free operation with Serial, Ethernet, or IR control

Partner Numbers

  • ALSO Denmark 000000000003345898
  • ALSO Norway 000000000003345898
  • ALSO Sweden 000000000003345898
  • Esprinet ST424HDBT
  • Exertis 10028010
  • Exertis IE 10028010
  • Ingram Austria V933029
  • Ingram DK V933029
  • Ingram Finland V933029
  • Ingram Germany V933029
  • Ingram Micro Belgium 2560923
  • Ingram Micro España V933029
  • Ingram Micro Netherlands 2560923
  • Ingram Micro Sweden V933029
  • Ingram Switzerland V933029
  • Tech Data - France 5050578
  • Tech Data - Italy 5050578
  • UPC 065030852791


Warranty Information Warranty 2 Years
Connector(s) 8 - Local Unit Connectors HDMI (19 pin)
IrDA (Infrared, SIR/FIR)
5 - Local Unit Connectors RJ-45
1 - Local Unit Connectors DB-9 (9 pin, D-Sub)
Environmental Operating Temperature -5 to 35°C (-41 to +95 °F)
Storage Temperature -5 to 35°C (-41 to +95 °F)
Humidity 5 to 90 % RH
Hardware Ports 4
Cabling Cat 5 UTP or better
Audio Yes
Rack-Mountable Yes
Indicators 1 - LED Indicators Power
Output 1 UTP Activity (Rear)
Output 2 UTP Activity (Rear)
Output 3 UTP Activity (Rear)
Output 4 UTP Activity (Rear)
LAN Activity (Rear)
4 - LED Indicators Output 1 Display Selection
Output 2 Display Selection
Output 3 Display Selection
Output 4 Display Selection
Packaging Information Package Height 12.2 cm [4.8 in]
Package Length 52.5 cm [20.7 in]
Package Width 32.5 cm [12.8 in]
Shipping (Package) Weight 4.2 kg [9.2 lb]
Performance Max Distance 70 m / 230 ft
Maximum Digital Resolutions 1920x1200/1080p
Wide Screen Supported Yes
Audio Specifications 7.1 Surround Sound
Physical Characteristics Color Black
Material Aluminum
Product Length 44.0 cm [17.3 in]
Product Width 17.0 cm [6.7 in]
Product Height 5.0 cm [2.0 in]
Weight of Product 2.3 kg [5.1 lb]
Power Power Source AC Adapter Included
Input Voltage 100 - 240 AC
Input Current 1.8 A
Output Voltage 12V DC
Output Current 5 A
Plug Type M
Power Consumption (In Watts) 60
What's in the Box 1 - Included in Package HDMI Matrix Switch
Remote control
Mounting brackets
Software Installation CD
Universal power adapter: comes ready for NA/EU/UK only when you buy in NA/EU/UK; comes ready for Australia and New Zealand only when you buy in Australia and New Zealand
Quick Install Guide



DC Power Adapter - 12V, 5A

Replace your lost or failed power adapter

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HDBaseT over CAT5e HDMI Receiver for ST424HDBT - 230ft (70m) - 1080p

Extend the HDMI signal from your ST424HDBT* Matrix switch over Cat5e/Cat6 cable, with IR control

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Frequently Asked Questions


When you troubleshoot issues with a video splitter, there are some quick tests that you can complete to rule out potential problems. You can test to make sure that the following components are working correctly and are not the source of the issue:

  • Video cables

  • Video switch

  • Video source (such as a DVD player or computer)

  • Video destination (such as a monitor or projector)

Note: When you are testing setup components, you should avoid using video adapters. For example, if you are converting a VGA source to HDMI for use with an HDMI switch, you should use an HDMI source when you test the components.

To test your setup components, try the following:

  • Use the cable, video switch, video source, and video destination in another setup to see if the problem is with the components or the setup.

  • Use a different cable, video switch, video source, and video destination in your setup to see if the problem persists. Ideally, you should test a component that you know works in another setup.

When you test your cables, it is recommended that you do the following:

  • Test each cable individually.

  • Use short cables when you are testing.

When you test the video source and video destination, it is recommended that you do the following:

  • Remove the video switch from your setup and test to make sure that the video source and video destination work together without the video switch.

  • Test to make sure that the video source and video destination work together at the resolution that you want to use.

Note: In order for your setup to work properly, the video source, switch, and destination all need to support the resolution that you are using.

Before You Buy

This device outputs HDMI video signals. If you have a display or video destination that uses another type of video connection, there are ways that you can convert the video signal or connection. These options are outlined below and organized by the target connection.


When you consider whether to convert an HDMI video signal to another connection type, it is important to know if the media that is being converted from the HDMI video connection is protected by High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP). If the media is protected by HDCP, you cannot convert to analog video connections because they do not support HDCP. You may experience this issue when you use devices like Blu-ray players, DVD players, and certain gaming consoles.

Target connection Conversion
VGA HDMI to VGA: https://www.startech.com/AV/Converters/Video/?filter_AVINPUT=HDMI&filter_AVOUTPUT=VGA.

HDMI to DVI: https://www.startech.com/Cables/Audio-Video/HDMI/HDMI-to-DVI/.

DisplayPort HDMI to DisplayPort: https://www.startech.com/AV/Converters/Video/?filter_AVINPUT=HDMI&filter_AVOUTPUT=DisplayPort.


This device has an HDMI input port.  If you have a video source that uses another video connection, there are options available to convert the video signal or connection. These options will be outlined below for each video source connection.

Source Connection



VGA to HDMI: https://www.startech.com/AV/Converters/Video/?filter_AVINPUT=VGA&filter_AVOUTPUT=HDMI.


DVI to HDMI video converters: https://www.startech.com/Cables/Audio-Video/Video-Adapter/HDMI-Cable-Adapters/.

DVI to HDMI video cables: https://www.startech.com/Cables/Audio-Video/HDMI/HDMI-to-DVI/.


DisplayPort to HDMI passive converters: https://www.startech.com/AV/Displayport-Converters/DP-HDMI/?filter_CONVERTTYPE=Passive.

DisplayPort to HDMI active converters: https://www.startech.com/AV/Displayport-Converters/DP-HDMI/?filter_CONVERTTYPE=Active.

DisplayPort Passive and Active Conversions

The converter that you require depends on the type of DisplayPort video source that you are using. For more information about converting DisplayPort video signals, refer to the following FAQ: https://www.startech.com/faq/DisplayPort_Converter_DP_Multi_Mode.

Compliance and safety

Compliance letters

Safety Measures

  • If product has an exposed circuit board, do not touch the product under power.
  • If Class 1 Laser Product. Laser radiation is present when the system is open.
  • Wiring terminations should not be made with the product and/or electric lines under power.
  • Product installation and/or mounting should be completed by a certified professional as per the local safety and building code guidelines.
  • Cables (including power and charging cables) should be placed and routed to avoid creating electric, tripping or safety hazards.
*Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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