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I’m not seeing a video signal on the displays or all displays show the same thing. How do I fix this?

  1. Open the Intel, AMD, or Nvidia application that controls the display settings.  This is recommended over Windows Display Settings when using an MST product. Go to Settings and select the monitor that is not outputting a video signal.  Check that the resolution and refresh rate is correct for that model of display.  
  2. The product may be connected to a video source that does not support MST.  Note: macOS will not allow the displays to our product to be extended.
  3. In Windows, open Screen Resolution or Display Settings and ensure all numbered displays are set to Extend.  If some displays do not appear, press the scan button (where applicable) firmly for about half a second.
  4. The display configuration may be using too much bandwidth. An example would be two 4K displays and one 2560x1440 display. That configuration will exceed the bandwidth limitations of DP 1.2.  Also, be aware of displays with higher refresh rates.  A 120 Hz display will use twice the bandwidth of a 60 Hz version using the same screen resolution.
  5. One or more of the displays(s) connected to our MST hub may be set to the wrong video input. Use the display’s on-screen display menu to select the correct input.
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